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Drabble: Tarot

Guns and Pocky on Y!gallery posts drabble bits in his journal every now and again to get us up and running on creating.  This is one I picked up and ran with.  It actually might make its way into Maki and Baby's story. Baby sat at the table and deftly turned the card with only his thumb and forefinger, placing it back on the table as he looked over it intently. His eyes turned up as a small smile crept over his lips. He watched the dark haired man as he slowly strolled in, rounding the corner of the table to look over the younger boy's shoulder. “The Wheel of Fate,” he vocalized, catching Baby's attention with a slight dip of his head. “What's it mean?” “The Wheel of Fate means change. What goes up must come down. It means that although things are good now, they can always change or, vice versa, what is bad can always turn back up.” “It's unfortunate that the Wheel may turn very slowly.” Baby nodded, making a sound of agreement. “Sometimes. Mine'

Hopalong Cassidy

When we took Cassidy to the vet on that Thursday morning, she had been eating baby food and drinking water, but getting her pills into her were an absolute fight.  She refused to take them on her own, pilling her was a nightmare and putting them in food ended with her eating everything around the pills and not touching anything the pills had touched.  My mate had to hold her down while I shoved the pills to the back of her throat.  She gagged, she retched, she foamed and grimaced.  She shook her head and slobber and foam sprayed everywhere.  She wouldn't eat if we gave her the pills first, but she vomited after we gave her the pills.  We held her maw closed, we rubbed her throat, we coaxed and cajoled.  Nothing helped.  She was adamant and whenever we would pull her out at 10 when she was due, she would cower and roll over and pee on the floor, her kennel, us... It was an absolute horror. For an hour after her pills dissolved in her mouth, she would sit and lick at her mouth and g

Cassidy in Retrospect

A little over two weeks ago, my thirteen pound terrier mix came out to meet me when I got home from work like she always does.  The first thing we do when I get home is I take her outside to go potty and we went out like we always do and she jumped and ran around like she always does.  It was the first really warm day of the year and my work polo was insanely hot over the tank top I'd worn in that morning before.  Tugging it up over my head, I pulled it up and partially off, heard her yip and by the time I got my shirt down, she had already run across the concrete stoop in front of the garage toward the house. I called her over to see if maybe she'd been stung since there had been a lot of bumblebees buzzing around the yard.  I checked her from stem to stern and no stingers, no stings or bites or marks and she just simply wanted to go back inside the house.  She scurried up onto the porch to the door and cowered there.  I noticed her walking a little funny once she got insid