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To Mosque or not to Mosque

Obama Supports 'Right' For Ground Zero Mosque: So much debate. It isn't actually ON ground zero. I originally thought it was. Now I REALLY don't get what the big deal is. And Obama never said it was a good idea. He said it was a religious freedom. Just like our right to build a Christian or Jewish building near grind zero which would really be a good idea. EVERY religion represented in the area to promote unity in the face of adversity. I have always thought that this ongoing 9/11 craziness was overboard. It happened and yes it was horrible. The people killed will never have their lives back. Their families will always have their loved ones missing. However we are America and we need to heal from this and move on. We need to work on rebuilding lives and freedoms to prove that they cannot scare us into doing what they want. Let the mosque be built and let them teach the correct ways. Let them educate. Let all religions teach their people

Six Word Memoirs I've seen the six word memoirs before, but I'd never been able to come up with something worth submitting.  I'm rather long winded, taking time to go through my points and hash and rehash them over and over again.  This made me really consider what the one single main point was and work it down to six words. Personally, I think this is paramount for any writer.  From now on, when I sit down to write a book, I want to have a six word synopsis.  Something to sum it up and make a good selling point. In the theme, I believe this journal entry will also be brief.  If you want to write your own six word memoir, go to  Six-Word Memoirs  and sign up.  And if you're interested in my memoir, you can  check it out here .

Survivors Benefits Click the link.  It will open in a new window and you can view the video that has me so fired up right now. This is why, my friends, that gay marriage is so important to us and why civil unions really just don't cut it.  These two people had domestic partnership rights and were registered with the state of California, but when his partner died, this man lost his home because he couldn't afford to pay their bills on his own.  Even as a gay person, even as a gay rights supporter... I had no idea.  I had no idea that civil unions were as piecemeal and BULLSHIT as they are. This video breaks my heart and I really, really hope it strikes a chord in someone to step up and do something for change.  I know it has me.  I'm going to start looking into being an activist instead of simply a supporter. Civil Unions are no more recognized as marriage than wearing a ring on your left third finger.  People may assume that

The Return of Hopalong

Strangely enough, it's been over a month since my last post about Cassidy!  She's doing pretty well.  We've actually worked her down off of the prednisilone and she is completely off of it now.  She hasn't had any tramadol for a long time and she's actually getting around pretty well.  There is less of a hunch in her back most days, but we can tell when she's getting painful based on how high the hunch is in her back.  We've been continuing to work with her back legs and actually get her flexibility back and we've been trying to get her to actually play ball and tug of war like she did before.  I don't think I'll ever see a day when she'll be able to run after a frisbee like she did before, but maybe someday I'll actually be able to take her for a walk with me and she won't get tired after 30 feet. I took a couple new videos that I'll share.  She's actually getting a lot more active recently and it makes me happy to see her

There's a hole, there's a hole

I took a few videos of Cassidy today after picking her up from boarding.  She's walking better, able to wag her tail this week and was so excited that she wouldn't stay in her kennel and wandered around the clinic sniffing and doing her front end bunny hop. Three short videos, but you can see from last week to this week that she's doing much better.  Hopefully this isn't where she will plateau.  Considering, however, that she was belly crawling under the tea cart to have her cave back, I consider it a plus.  It also made us put the blanket back over her kennel so she could have her bedroom back. More improvement?  Maybe less peeing on my carpets?  She's actually been better about that.  Only one accident and that was because I didn't watch her water intake as well as I should have.  Improvements every day. I also snagged s