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For Writers: Writer Blogs

Now that I've actually had some sleep, I thought I should write up what it was that led to my post last night. I went trawling through Twitter and looked for all the blogs from all the writers I follow. I thought perhaps I might post a few things I found that I didn't stick around for. Not What I'm Looking For Nothing but Promotion  - I read through the first few pages and if it was nothing but book promotion, I might have skipped back a couple of pages to see what else they had to offer. If it was only promotion, I didn't bother. I moved on. Click for More  - One of the blogs had the posts truncated so you only saw the first few lines of the post and you could click more if you were interested in reading. I didn't. I just left the blog. Extreme Politics  - I understand we all have opinions. I do. I understand politics are HUGE for people. I have my beliefs just like you have yours. Your writing blog should be about more than just your political opinions an

Drabble: Prologue with Edits

Prologue Rose tripped over an overturned dresser drawer and stumbled into the bedroom. The duffel in her hand skidded across the floor and dumped its contents like a breadcrumb trail toward the doorway. Leaving it behind, she bolted into the bathroom, crawling quietly into the bathtub. Making herself as small as possible, she cowered behind the shower curtain.  The dull thunk of boots sounded against worn carpet. The stairs creaked as her pursuer came closer. A jacket zipper hissed as it brushed the door frame. Footsteps neared, slowed and stopped. Heels clicked against the thick white tile. The snap of the switch flooded the room with the overhead light. Rose shrank back, praying she was out of sight. Why hadn’t she hidden under the bed? She could have run. Now she was stuck inside with no way out. Slowly her pursuer advanced. His shadow danced over white plastic folds. Every step echoed until he snatched the shower curtain away. The stranger grabbed her arm hard enough she c

Game Rage: Random War Stories

Any JCs on? I am a jewelcrafter on my main toon and that toon is in a decently large guild. In the last three guilds I have been in, I have offered to cut gems for people and they have himhawed around and then gone with someone else. Tonight, however, I got another kick in the face. Guildie posts "Any JCs on?" I reply that I am if I have the cut he needs. He links his pieces in the window and I tell him I have the +40 agility cut for the inferno rubies. I figure if he's suiting LFR gear, he's not going to want the epic cuts. I have those as well, but I don't offer them. He asks me if it's the cut I've specified and I say yes. He then says "Nah, I'll wait for (Name of other Guildie) to get on tomorrow." Fucking really?? If you want to wait for that person, ask for them by name in the fucking channel. Don't ask for someone in general if you want someone specific. That just pisses me off and makes me not want to offer services any

Gamer Rage: Keep your ass out of the fire

Originally, I had planned to make my first story on WoWRant about the denziens of Kel'Thuzad and talk about an expose on how they go from mild-mannered Clark Kent types in their everyday lives to Superdick when they turn on their computers and authenticate. Instead, I thought it might be fitting to talk about my most recent idiocy. How best to poke fun at everyone else if you can't dish it back at yourself? Last night I pugged for justice and valor points and queued for random Hour of Twilight heroics. As soon as I enter, I run up to the portal and click, taking myself to the Obsidian Dragonshrine. I skirt up along the side to see if it's the shrine I'm thinking it is (and one I won't forget. Ever. Not after this). I see the big puddle of lava and think, "Great!  Gauntlet. Ugh." ... just as I aggro one of the patrols. As my teammates are zoning. I try to at least pull the pat out to where it won't take out the rest of the party and keep them in