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Game Rage: Children's Week Harassment

Children's Week has the unfortunate circumstance of requiring players to PVP in order to earn an achievement. PVE players are required to enter PVP zones and do certain activities in order to earn the achievement. Four different battlegrounds, four different actions and four different ways to piss off all the PVP players world wide. I would really like the achievement. I would also like the mount. Neither the achievement OR the mount are eligible for PVP anything, making this the goddamned stupidest achievement thus far in Azeroth. Every April, hundreds of RP and PVP players make their entrance into the PVP servers and try desperately for the achievement. I have spent the last year playing, leveling and gearing my toon for PVE. Most specifically, to DPS in PVE. I've been rolling my way through LFR to gear as a tank. Neither of which is gearing to PVP. In order to PVP, you have to have special gear. A THIRD set of gear. I have other things I'm trying to work on in the P


I write fan fiction. That's right. I said it. I write fanfiction. I take other people's characters and write cheesy stories about them doing things they most likely would never do with people they probably would never do it with and I do it all with relish. I enjoy borrowing other people's characters and drooling all over their creations to make a wet, sloppy mess. When I eventually publish my books, I know other people will do the same thing with my work, especially if it ends up being popular. Even without being popular, some artists have already done fanart of my characters and the works aren't even openly available yet. Hell, I've even done fanfiction of my OWN work and stuck my characters in stories and situations they would never have been in. I've taken characters of mine and dropped them into other people's worlds. I've taken their characters and had them interact with mine. I've taken other people's characters and my characters and put

Game Rage: It's for my off OFF Spec!

I don't know what it is about this game that makes people think it's okay to name-call. People could choose to let it go, but they have to start a fight and then the have to run their mouths. I ran Hour of Twilight heroics with the GF today so we could max out our valor before the reset tomorrow. Some douchebag kept rolling need on every piece he could despite being decked out in 490s. So the GF makes a casual comment on it. The tank responds with "It's called OS bitch". Okay, fucking seriously?? Yeah, it's called OS, but it's also called fucking manners. So someone questioned why you were rolling need on something. It happens. Don't be a fucking twatwad about it and start calling people names. Just be like "It's for my OS". If they keep questioning, just ignore then or boot them from the group. It's not that hard. Instead, not only was the tank in on it, but one of the DPS got in on it, too. And then teh GF got hot and she went

Game Rage: A BIG Post of Tanking Woes

Play on, Playa I have a level 45 paladin tank. She's my second toon I'm going to level up so the guild she's in will have a dedicated tank or healer to play off of the other guild lead. My goal is to get her up to 85 so we can do guild runs on dungeons and level the guild. Right now we're a level 11 guild. They've been a guild for at least three years. It needs some serious life blown into it so people will consider joining an RP guild. Perks are nice. (Something I didn't realize until I moved one of my toons into an actual raiding guild. Last night I queued for a dungeon and got in pretty well right away. I pop in at the beginning of a dungeon and three people are dead. There are also dead bodies lying around, so I figure the tank DCed, but I always ask what happened in case there's a problem I need to be aware of. I rez the Healer and she thanks me. I rez the DPS from Kel'Thuzad and blink. I never like having anyone from KT in my party. Still aliv

For Writers: Word Counts

I have been researching to find out how many words a chapter should contain in a book.  There is no real hard and fast rule, but guesstimates have put an estimate between 4,000 and 10,000 with the average novel length for a first novel being 90,000 words and some of the higher end novels being 120,000 words. The way to figure word counts is generally to count pages and then multiply by 250, which is the average word count on each page.  Harry Potter's chapters are around 21 pages long, putting the counts for a chapter at around 5,000ish.  So I wouldn't be too far off having Baby's first chapter being somewhere around 6,000. I believe I have the first chapter written and it needs editing.  I'm just not sure who to give it to for an edit.  Most people won't want to hurt my feelings or don't have the technical knowledge to give me what I need. Damnit, Krystel.  You're dead when I need you.  :)  I miss you a lot when it comes down to things like thi

Game Rage: NOT A TANK

When I popped back in after the dog's vet appointment today, the GF asks if I want to come to Naxx. Yeah, sure. I like to run some of the older stuff just to get out and do stuff. In the group, it's the GF, another guy from the guild and a healer I've seen running around Trade before. The guy from the guild was tanking, the healer was only level 83 and the tank wasn't listening for crap. We leave and take the healer with us. We make it through trash and a couple bosses and I have to take the roomie to work. She's all wishy washy because I have to leave and so the GF offers to run through trash with her while I'm gone. They clear one wing down to a boss by the time I get back. We run in, smash through the safety dance and head to the next wing. The gauntlet with the eyestalks kicks our ass and we decide not to do it and head to another wing. Things are starting to get kinda tough, so I get my tank gear out of the bank. Now... I'll be the first to say...

Game Rage: Trade Chat

I don't usually read trade unless I'm bored out of my skull and looking for Jewelcrafting work. I happened to be so tired after work I couldn't focus and ended up stumbling on this priceless little conversation and I had to share. Names, of course, have been changed so people don't get crabby about it. Except Raul. He's a known troll, almost as bad as Lovedless. These little conversations like this are rare. Most of the time it's all Thunderfury and Anal jokes. However, this one begs repeating. :)