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Massage: Bitching and Moaning

My career is one based on giving of one's self. We spend an hour at a time with our clients. We base our entire treatment on the needs and desires of our clients. We customize each treatment to best fulfill the muscular needs with our client's comfort. We listen. We offer suggestion. We take what they tell us and create a game plan. When we walk back into that room, we execute our plan of action and hope, by the time we are done, that the person on our table is satisfied and in less pain or stress than they were when they entered the room.  That's my job. I take a string of symptoms and sore spots and I work my clients over until their bodies feel better. That's what I do.  That's what I love. I love what I do. What makes my job difficult is legion. And each one of them is like a burr under my saddle. Each repeated irritation adds another nettle sting to the already irritated sore spot. And eventually I end up where I am now. I give every ounce of what I have