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July 4th and Cream Tea

Happy 4th of July to all of us snot-nosed American brats who thumbed their nose at Britain and decided to make this beautiful mess we call a country. For as flawed as so many things are, they're still better than the situations other people in my situation have in their home country, so I'm going to celebrate. I think what I may be doing, however, is sacrilegious. My friend is absolutely in love with afternoon tea. Most specifically, cream tea. She goes to a local place called Mozarts for tea once in a blue moon and told me their scones with clotted cream are absolutely to die for. As a fundraiser for Marcon, we did a cream tea at The Soldiery. I offered to make two bite scones and clotted cream with strawberry preserves. One of our staffers is an employee at Zen Cha and served four different teas. My favorite was Earl Grey, no surprise there. It paired very well with my dish. The moment everyone put the first bite of the scones and clotted cream with strawberry preserves

Publishing Woes

I genuinely believe every author who has ever written a book, even those who have not yet been published, believes their work is complete and utter tripe. We worry that the descriptions aren't descriptive enough. The sex scenes, if any, aren't sexy enough. We overuse words. We pour through the manuscript until our eyes figuratively bleed looking for every little problem. We spend literal hours fussing over our babies. Then we send them off to someone else so they can give us their opinion. At best, an acceptance. At worst, rejection. And then there's the "revise and resubmit" which seems like, basically, someone saying "read my mind to give me what I want out of this story". You mange that, you're in. You don't? Rejection. Rejection sucks. Hard. And without someone giving us feedback and telling us exactly what they want or are looking for or what they found wrong with what we did, we can't hope to improve. All I can say is thank gods

Thoughts for Orlando

The last two days have been a roller coaster ride. While I do not believe I have anyone personally involved in the shooting, it gives me pause for many reasons. Such as: I hope none of you ever have to feel what it's like to wait to find out whether your friends' names appear on a list of the dead — Zinn O))) (@ZJemptv) June 12, 2016 I do not know what this is like, but I can imagine how hellish it could be. I remember waiting to see friend's names on the roster after Katrina. Some of the people I spoke to online have never come back on but weren't on the list of the dead. I can't even imagine. I read a post on Facebook about the rescue workers and police who had to go inside the building where the victims still lie and ignore the ringing of the phones of the dead as they went berserk from family and friends trying desperately to contact them. I know what it's like to be one of those people worried about a friend's safety and not being able to r

Marcon Game Night

I will be at the Marcon Game Night fundraiser to support Marcon 2016. Admission is five dollars and gets you entry to one tourney. Other tournaments are $5 a piece going on all night. We will also be doing game demos and instruction. I'll most likely be at the Marcon pre-reg table, the food booth or manning the bake sale while I do chair massages for a dollar a minute. We will also have food for a small donation. I will have my eggless banana bread for sale and some friendship bread as well as my homemade chocolate body butter. Saturday January 30th beginning at 10pm If you would like to attend, please see the event page: We are being very graciously hosted by the Soldiery at 4256 North High Street in Columbus. We will have a raffle for awesome handmade prizes. There will be various tournaments all night. They have posted a tentative schedule but, as is with anything scheduled, it is not set in stone. TENTATIVE SCHEDULE: 10