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Book Review: The Retrievers Series by Laura Anne Gilman

Staying Dead by Laura Anne Gilman My rating: 4 of 5 stars LOVED this book. I really enjoy Wren's character and I like the dynamic between Wren and Sergei, even if their ending seemed a little forced and awkward. The storyline kept me questioning and I would like to see what other adventures they get themselves into. The writing style was easy to read and sucked me in. I didn't want to put it down. View all my reviews Curse the Dark by Laura Anne Gilman My rating: 4 of 5 stars I became hooked on this series by getting a free book through a book club. I am SO GLAD they did. I fell in love with Wren and Sergei in book one and this book did not fail to keep the love affair going strong. There were a few foreshadowing that actually threw me off the scent trail and I was shocked and surprised at the ending. I'll save the spoilers for last so you don't have to read them should you wish to be surprised. :) The downside to this book was the fair amount of head-hopping

Blow the Dust Off!!

Carrie Fulk Vaughn aka Marshmalohgrrl *coughcough* *hack* *wheeze* I think it might just be time to blow the dust off this blog or something and actually, you know, do some updating or something? Of course I choose today to do it because I'm spinning my wheels and rather than do nothing, I should consider doing SOMETHING instead. :) I'm going to clean up my blog. Delete some of the "state of the author" stuff because I don't think anyone is interested in my bitching and whining, although I may change my mind later. I'm going to try and add some categories or something so you can find things on my blog. And then I might go through and just... clean up the links and my about me page. In general, an overhaul. I'm going to change that background I've been using forever to one of my photos or something instead. Make it a little more personal and a little less stock photo. So stay tuned if you're still reading me! I'm making a lot of person