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New World Consumes Me

 Since it's launch at the end of September, I have pretty much been no-lifing New World. The premise is the ship you are aboard for a mission to find a mystery item is shipwrecked. You wash up on the shores of a new island where you must now make your home: Aternum.  Everyone on Aternum is immortal. And, as part of the storyline, things get more complicated for your character. (No spoilers here! Come play the game!) I have been playing pretty much every day for the last two weeks (Since September 28th when it launched) and because my new job decided they couldn't bring me in for training because my background check is taking abnormally long for whatever reason, I've had a lot of time to kill. My favorite thing about this game is you can learn every weapon in the game on the same character. You can learn every profession on the same character. You can PVP and PVE with very small changes. You can spec to heal and have a second weapon at the ready for higher damage. I started