I support the right of all cosplayers, regardless of age, race, religion or body type to be able to dress as the characters they love. Rather they buy their costume piece by piece or commission wholesale from a seamstress or if they hot glue their entire costume out of craft foam, everyone should be able to cosplay and not be shamed for it.

In Japan, plus size girls are often called "debu" which loosely translates to "fatso". The typical body standard in Japan is similar to the rest of the world: slim bodies with thigh gap and trim waistlines. To retaliate, the term marshmallow girls has become a thing. Gato Seina was introduced to the modeling world as a marshmallow girl and finds the term body positive. I'm also into EDM music and one of the artists I listen to goes by Marshmello. And my coworker said I'm more like "Marsh Mal OhhhhGrrrrrrl!" And hence the nickname was born.

Cosplays I've done:


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