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The gaming chair I use is a Killabee big and tall chair I got from Amazon. It's durable and comfortable, comes with a foot rest, a neck pillow and a massaging pillow for your low back. The thing I like the best about it is it comes with a metal base and replaceable casters so it's going to last a long time with rigorous use. It's also available in various colors. I went with a simple black and grey but they've recently released a purple one that I'm jonesing for. You can pick up your chair by clicking the image and following the link!

Now for my keyboard! This has been a really great mechanical keyboard for a low price. Redragon has been a staple for me since I discovered them. They make great products for a great price. My original headset was also a Redragon product until I upgraded to my ROG headset I currently use. I like that this particular model is compact, but they also have a full keyboard with a slant panel on the front and a number pad that is definitely worth looking into.

Something I absolutely cannot recommend enough is a good monitor. I picked up a Samsung curved monitor and I am never going back to flat monitors again if I can help it. This has been a godsend on my eyes. It's reduced eye strain and increased visibility over my old monitor. I will eventually be picking up a second one to replace my second LED screen I transferred over when I got this one. I'm a Samsung fangirl. 

While we're on the subject of Samsung and products I recommend, I use these earbuds every single day. They're easy to pop in. You can use one at a time in case you have to be able to hear (like I did at work!) and elongate the life of the charge. They are truly noise canceling. When I needed earplugs to drown out other people's loud music while I was working (because they didn't know about these awesome earbuds, obviously), these did the trick. Even just putting them in dampened the noise enough I could function through auditory issues. Play music and it canceled everything except the things I was listening to. They come in a handy charging case and are easy to pop on to charge at night so they're ready to go in the morning. I use them at the gym, while I'm cleaning, when I have errands to run and have to go alone... the possibilities are endless. I would definitely suggest you check out a pair.


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