Drabble: Flames

After reading something by an internet artist by the name of Defilerwyrm, I decided to try my hand at impressionistic smut.  This was the result.

Muscle flexed, body ground against body, sweat glistened across tight, hot flesh.He brushed one hand over his face to loose the strands clinging to him as desperately as he clung to his lover.Their bodies moved in tandem against one another, connecting again and again as the lines between love and lust blurred into blazing passion.His hands cupped his lover’s hips as he trust deep inside, issuing a low moan of pleasure.Their bodies trembled, one just after the other as they came and collapsed in a mass of flesh and limbs in the center of the bed.

They lay together, both struggling for breath, their bodies tangling around one another in an intricate knot.Their mouths fumbled for one another, issuing proclamations of love between heated kisses.Sex was always this way for them: strong, passionate and utterly amazing.He had never failed to deliver and Ferdinand was glad to not be alone again tonight.There would be no more nights of his own hands roving over lonely flesh and bringing himself to orgasm alone.They were together again and the promise was always kept: they would spend the next three days in bed, fucking and cuddling and feeding each other whatever takeout they could have delivered to the house.Sometimes Maki would have surprises from the places he had visited rather it was food or a present.It was generally either used in foreplay or tossed aside to be examined during sexual downtime as they were curled around one another.It wasn’t so much what was brought as long as he had some proof he had been on Maki’s mind as much as he had been on his.All that really mattered to him was he was remembered and missed.It was hard being here alone.

((edited because this short story was published by Dark Moon Press in the Anthology Bloody Kisses. They have exclusive rights to it for another few months.))

(c) Carrie Fulk Vaughn 2005


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