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Drabble: All Shadows Dance

This was a concept story I was toying with for awhile.  I'm not quite sure I like it. His mother always said to him, “You have an overactive imagination. There’s nothing there in the dark. You’re seeing things that aren’t there. It’s an optical illusion. Just lie down, close your eyes and go to sleep.” They could never see the shifting shadows at night as they skimmered along the space between the wall and the ceiling and the small glowing eyes in the dark that catch and reflect and blink at the car headlights as they passed by the window. They didn’t see the subtle shifting of the reality around the room while he lay in the bed at night and stared at everything in the room until it either stopped shifting or got up and lumbered away through an invisible doorway he could never find and made it a point to avoid, always simply glad they were gone by the time he fell asleep an hour or more after going to bed. He didn’t want to go through the invisible doorway to the place where

Drabble: Baby Boy

Something I've found helpful as an author is to allow a character to write things out when they want to tell me something.  I allow them to write in first person narrative and explain to me their actions or feelings on a particular situation.  In this case I am sharing the first person narrative of my character Baby DeLaCroix, a sixteen year old prostitute.  I don’t trust anyone.I wouldn’t know how. It’s a thing that everyone takes for granted, trusting.They believe their doctor is a good man who only wants to help people and take care of them and their children, even if he gets high every night.They think the person walking beside them on the street is just another passerby who will continue on their way just like every other person they pass even if he’s on his way home to shoot his wife and children.They put their faith in the fact that each person who lives on the street is there because they just won’t get a job.All the whores are just wanton sluts who could earn a go