Wanna go to the Vet?

Yup, you guessed it.  Cassidy went back to the vet today on account of the little blisters from the previous post.  We washed them with Dial soap all weekend and when I got home on Monday, they were worse than before and she developed more of them than she'd had.  After going potty, she was bleeding.  So it was off to the vet again today.  Thankfully they could get her in.
Apparently I had done the right thing, washing it with Dial and cleaning her up with baby wipes.  She just ended up with a little infection and now we're doing peroxide rinses two to three times a day and a soak in warm water every other day as well as an oral antibiotic twice a day for two weeks.  We're supposed to call in on Tuesday and let him know how she's doing since she's stepping down on the prednisilone.  He'll make a decision from there what we're going to do.
This is frustrating.  Not going to lie a bit about that.  He said we were doing everything right, but she just needed a little bit of help since she's sore and funky.  So lots of baths, lots of wipes, lots of peroxide and lots of antibiotic until she clears up.


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