There's a hole, there's a hole

I took a few videos of Cassidy today after picking her up from boarding.  She's walking better, able to wag her tail this week and was so excited that she wouldn't stay in her kennel and wandered around the clinic sniffing and doing her front end bunny hop.
Three short videos, but you can see from last week to this week that she's doing much better.  Hopefully this isn't where she will plateau.  Considering, however, that she was belly crawling under the tea cart to have her cave back, I consider it a plus.  It also made us put the blanket back over her kennel so she could have her bedroom back.
More improvement?  Maybe less peeing on my carpets?  She's actually been better about that.  Only one accident and that was because I didn't watch her water intake as well as I should have.  Improvements every day.
I also snagged some pictures of the hole we figured out she tripped in.  This one shows what it looks like just coming up on it.  Looks pretty harmless, doesn't it?
It doesn't look like there's even a hole there. It looks really innocent.
Once I almost twisted my ankle in it, I found this. It's as long as my fingers and wide enough the toe of my shoe caught in the hole and I tripped over the concrete. It's most likely what Cassidy did, too.


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