To Mosque or not to Mosque

Obama Supports 'Right' For Ground Zero Mosque:
So much debate. It isn't actually ON ground zero. I originally thought it was. Now I REALLY don't get what the big deal is. And Obama never said it was a good idea. He said it was a religious freedom. Just like our right to build a Christian or Jewish building near grind zero which would really be a good idea. EVERY religion represented in the area to promote unity in the face of adversity. I have always thought that this ongoing 9/11 craziness was overboard. It happened and yes it was horrible. The people killed will never have their lives back. Their families will always have their loved ones missing. However we are America and we need to heal from this and move on. We need to work on rebuilding lives and freedoms to prove that they cannot scare us into doing what they want. Let the mosque be built and let them teach the correct ways. Let them educate. Let all religions teach their people to be decent human beings and to not fly planes into buildings. It is when we leave our people ignorant that these horrible people recruit otherwise decent people and make these horrible atrocities happen. Education and upbringing. The same holds true for every religion.


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