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Let's talk about obesity

I just read an NPR article on obesity, which led me to two articles about obesity. All three of these articles say we need to eat less and that would solve all of our obesity problems. Maybe, just MAYBE the problem is that foods that are good for you are expensive, go bad quickly if you don't use them, require more frequent store trips BECAUSE they will go bad quickly if you don't use them, foods that DON'T go bad as quickly contain too much salt, and take more time too cook/prepare. Let's look at that! Most poor people have to take the bus to and from their jobs and the store. If I didn't have a car, a trip to work on the bus would take me two hours. Then it would be two hours home again IF I got off work before I had to call a cab. Sometimes cabs take three hours to get there even when you call them to show up. So we work 8-10 hour days, have a 4 hour trip time, making our days 12-14 hour days. That leaves two hours to cook, clean and do basic body maintenance if