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Any JCs on?

I am a jewelcrafter on my main toon and that toon is in a decently large guild. In the last three guilds I have been in, I have offered to cut gems for people and they have himhawed around and then gone with someone else. Tonight, however, I got another kick in the face.
Guildie posts "Any JCs on?"
I reply that I am if I have the cut he needs. He links his pieces in the window and I tell him I have the +40 agility cut for the inferno rubies. I figure if he's suiting LFR gear, he's not going to want the epic cuts. I have those as well, but I don't offer them.
He asks me if it's the cut I've specified and I say yes. He then says "Nah, I'll wait for (Name of other Guildie) to get on tomorrow."
Fucking really?? If you want to wait for that person, ask for them by name in the fucking channel. Don't ask for someone in general if you want someone specific. That just pisses me off and makes me not want to offer services anymore. That combined with the wank I read in the facebook page just really makes me want to quit.

 A first time for everything

I ran raid finder last night. The guild had done the second half Tuesday night and it ended up being so completely horrible I dropped on the fourth wipe trying to beat Deathwing. That was after the two wipes on the spine and the four wipes on Ultraxion.
During the run last night, we were running around Yor'sahj the Unsleeping killing the slimes that circulate around the boss. You have to run in a big circle around him and kill off all the slimes before triggering the boss because otherwise the slimes attack you, the boss absorbs them and totally wrecks your day. I hadn't known for a fact this would happen until one of the DPS decided to aggro the boss while we were on the second mob of slimes. I see one of the tanks, who happened to be from my favorite server, Kel'Thuzad, yell, "Kick that ho!" moments before the boss runs up and kisses me with his foot on the back of my head. The conversation in my living room went something like this.
"Oh, God, KT. Someone's bitching already and we haven't even gotten to the bo-- di-- did someone trigger the boss??"
"Yeah. [Insert toon name here]."
"Oh my God, really? Oh God. I hope we can pull this off."
We couldn't. The boss started sucking down slimes around his feet like a frat girl doing jello shots.  We didn't even have time to get off the slimes at his feet and onto the boss before the slimes from the sides spawned. Healers and ranged DPS dropped over dead like roaches crawling through Borax and that left a few melee and the tanks who followed in short order. KT was crying for blood and the vote passed without question to "boot the bitch who aggroed the boss".
... I have never once in my life agreed with anyone from KT. I had a first last night. Moreover, the people from KT were actually NICE.
I kinda wonder what tonight is going to bring.


LFR is a fairly new installation for the World of Warcraft. The GF has been decently well geared thanks to raiding, so she was one of the first to try it out. During the fall of Deathwing, there is a cutscene and you drop down onto Deathwing's spine. She exits out of the cutscene early and hits levitate to keep from taking fall damage since she doesn't have a parachute. Being a shadow priest and cloth, it takes awhile for your health to come back after a fall. It seemed logical. She's standing just above the surface of the dragon looking down. Other players start dropping in after the cut scene. They are all above Deathwing. No one can move. No one can do anything. The GF calls in her trinket hound who drops down onto Deathwing's back. The entire party is levitating above Deathwing and they're all stuck hanging there. Deathwing senses movement and rolls. The entire party wipes. Hanging in mid-air.
That was the day Lovie learned not to use levitate while fighting Deathwing.

Sandbox Tiger

The GF has been trying to earn her Tarecgosa's staff. She FINALLY found a Firelands run to earn some of her pieces. She's super stoked. The run has its issues judging from the chatter I hear coming from Vent. I'm currently running for justice points to suit up my pally.
She starts laughing hysterically. I hear some say "Dude! Slash leave vehicle!"
One of the tanks had gotten on the sandbox tiger someone had popped up from Dark Moon Faire. He couldn't figure out how to get off of it. He was out of the battle and stuck on a sandbox tiger and couldn't get off.
We were still laughing about it fifteen minutes later.


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