Monday, April 30, 2012

Game Rage: Children's Week Harassment

Children's Week has the unfortunate circumstance of requiring players to PVP in order to earn an achievement. PVE players are required to enter PVP zones and do certain activities in order to earn the achievement. Four different battlegrounds, four different actions and four different ways to piss off all the PVP players world wide.
I would really like the achievement. I would also like the mount. Neither the achievement OR the mount are eligible for PVP anything, making this the goddamned stupidest achievement thus far in Azeroth. Every April, hundreds of RP and PVP players make their entrance into the PVP servers and try desperately for the achievement.
I have spent the last year playing, leveling and gearing my toon for PVE. Most specifically, to DPS in PVE. I've been rolling my way through LFR to gear as a tank. Neither of which is gearing to PVP. In order to PVP, you have to have special gear. A THIRD set of gear. I have other things I'm trying to work on in the PVE realm. I had eventually wanted to play PVP. I had planned, once I got geared in DPS and tanking that I would try out this PVP thing. After last night? I was furious enough that I never wanted to play PVP ever, ever again.
I queued for a PVP instance. I went in with my child out and asked nicely if they would mind if we got this achieve done. I was there for the achieve, nothing more. As soon as it was done, I was gone. If they would have inspected me, they would have known I wasn't geared to be there. I'm slow and hit hard, two good goals for PVE DPS. PVP needs haste and resilience, two stats that are NOWHERE on my gear. Period. I am not a PVP player.
The raid lead started griefing us that we need to at least TRY and play and win. Okay, understandable. He's there to PVP. Fine and good. As soon as I have this one goal finished, fine. I will try and fail to kill shit. Hoarde isn't playing around. They come in and wipe us out. Since Horde isn't playing nice, I decide to start trying to kill them.
I fail. Hard. They stun the shit out of me and wipe the floor with me. I'm painting the roses red. I rez.. I come back in and try again.
I would like to say Death Knights and Shadow Priests SUCK. I hate them both with a firey passion. So I run out and try and wipe out one of the players with the flag. I die. Horribly. At this point I start bitching that no matter what I do, I wipe. I can't even get a hit in on them. I get booted from the run.
The GF is still in with me. She's actually playing her hunter and trying to kill shit. She's making kills and racking up achieves. They continue to grief her through the entire run but they can't boot her for inactivity like they did me.
I should point out that during this run, they were saying we had killed our own healer, which is bullshit. You cannot target friendly players. Period. They were trying to tell us to go for the other team's healer. I thought I was with the priest when I realized it was shadow. I couldn't FIND a healing class anywhere in the two minutes I was in the BG, not that I could get close enough to the players to actually wipe them out. Or even hit them. I spent more time dead than alive.
I can't see what happens after I get kicked, but the GF continues telling them she IS doing her job, she IS killing things and targeting other players and they need to get over it. Knowing her, she's probably not being very nice about it because they started it. She gets out of the BG and we're bitching about it via the guild and a couple of our guildies who are serious PVP players offer to go in and help out. They ask for the achieve and after a bit of coaxing, I agree to go in.
A player whispers me. His name is Redlîw, which I find a little strange given the strange character. He asks if we're looking for players, which I tell him we are and he asks who he needs to talk to. I invite him in and tell him he just had. I then go into channel and welcome him into the guild. We are in the middle of ranting about having to play PVP for the PVE achieve.
Another toon joins the guild named xofekcol. They'd messaged the girlfriend and asked her for an invite. They come into the guild and stay relatively quiet. A third person whispers me and says two of their friends had just joined the guild and wanted to know if they could level with them. I say sure! The more the merrier! Welcome! I invite them in. This is about the point when my guildie gets me convinced to go play a PVP round again.
The newbie in the guild starts asking for tips for new warriors. I find this rather strange. No one ever asks me for tips about playing. I'm not a tip DPS even yet. I ask what kind of tips he's looking for, but I never see the answer because the queue pops.
I'm in Vent listening to the guildie tell me what needs done. I don't talk much. I generally listen unless I'm in serious trouble. That's the only way I talk in Vent. Otherwise I let the people who know what they're doing be the ones to talk. I generally follow orders pretty well. We get in and run straight forward in to the flag. Most of the time in PVP, the other players go for the towers instead. This time EVERYONE goes for the flag and camps it. I have to fight to get the flag, which I never do, and I die. A lot. Yay, only not.
It's about this point that the GF realizes Redlîw is Wîlder, the name of her toon, spelled backward. She realizes the toon she invited, xofekcol, is Lockefox, the name of my toon, spelled backward. Anaite, the third toon that came in keeps strangely quiet. They mostly escape my notice. I'm more worried about the griefers. I speak up in Vent, asking for a mod. They find one who comes in and boots one of the griefers. The second left of his own will before they could remove him. The third character sticks around and stays silent. We forget about them for as long as it takes me to finish the BG.
Then it strikes me they'd said their friends joined. The GF asks who their friends were. They said it was the two people they'd already kicked and they had only come in to make sure their friends didn't say or do anything too terrible while they were in the guild. The GF gets into Vent asking for a mod to come and remove that person as well.
As she's looking for someone to boot the last of the griefers, someone whispers me asking if our guild leader was online. I said no, but I wished he was because I needed to talk to him. They stop talking to me at that point. Anyone who was IN the guild could have gotten on and looked for themselves.
I am honestly looking for these assclowns to join the guild AGAIN under different toons and continue to harass us. I do not know what would possess someone to be that petty. Don't PVPers have better things to do than to join up in someone else's guild and be assholes to other players? I thought I left this shit behind in fucking high school.
At this point, I don't ever want to play PVP again. How big of an asshole do you have to be to do something like that to people? Come off of YOUR server, join mine, make toons that are the inverse of our player names, seek us out, join our guild and then start trouble. Really? Why don't you go back to your game. It obviously isn't keeping you entertained enough if you have to come and stalk me.
Needless to say, I filed a ticket with Bliz. I also filed a suggestion telling them to take the PVP aspect out of the achieve because if this is what is going to happen, I will never earn the achievement. If this is how PVP players are going to be, I don't want to associate with them. What kind of asshole does this kind of thing?
Last night I was ready to /gquit, change the name of my toon again and just give the fuck up. I know I was overreacting, but way to make me look like a douche to my guild, guys. I'm too stupid to realize the guy asking to come into the guild is my GF's toon backward.
I'm still upset about the whole thing and while normally bitching about it makes me feel better, this is just setting in the sadness. Time to go and do something else.

Sunday, April 29, 2012


I write fan fiction. That's right. I said it. I write fanfiction. I take other people's characters and write cheesy stories about them doing things they most likely would never do with people they probably would never do it with and I do it all with relish. I enjoy borrowing other people's characters and drooling all over their creations to make a wet, sloppy mess. When I eventually publish my books, I know other people will do the same thing with my work, especially if it ends up being popular. Even without being popular, some artists have already done fanart of my characters and the works aren't even openly available yet. Hell, I've even done fanfiction of my OWN work and stuck my characters in stories and situations they would never have been in. I've taken characters of mine and dropped them into other people's worlds. I've taken their characters and had them interact with mine. I've taken other people's characters and my characters and put them in worlds that are completely off the charts unbelievable and done it all with a grin. For awhile I even had people who wanted to publish my fanfiction with their illustrations and make money from it.

That was where I drew the line. I was completely flattered that anyone thought the work we were doing was anything publishable or even by any means good. I was flattered that they wanted to draw illustrations to the story. I would have even been okay with them forming it together so it looked like a book for us and them and anyone who wanted a free copy. It was the making money part of it that bothered me. Yes, I wrote it. Yes, they drew the pictures. But that is someone else's intellectual property and making money off of it would have just been wrong. If I were the creator of said characters, I would be a little upset at someone making money off of my brainchild. I would probably be irritated if they did a spinoff and made money off of it. It's just not right. More than that, it's the law.

In the United States, copyright is pretty strongly enforced by those who have the money to do something about it. If you rip off something from Rowling or Meyers, you better believe you'd have it taken from your hot little hands before it ever made a single dime or, if they didn't catch you in time, you would be required to pay restitution. That money would go to the original creator. We are allowed to create derivative works based from other's work, but in the end, if someone has the money to come after you and does? I wouldn't want to be in your shoes.

I'm just happy that I can borrow other people's characters and play with them for awhile and then give them back without a lawsuit. You really just need to play fair with other people, in my honest opinion. It goes back to when we were kids. I don't go to my friend's house, take their dolls to play with and then claim them as my own. I don't try to sell them to the neighbor kid down the street as my own dolls. I play with them, grateful for the opportunity, and then I give them back in the original condition I got them in. We learned these lessons in Kindergarten. Or should have. That is why I have never sold any of my fanfiction. As a matter of fact, I'm damned glad the makers of said characters don't come down and smack the shit out of me for writing their characters in homoerotic situations. (Or worse.)

If my stories become popular, I will be very happy to know people like my work enough to write stories and draw pictures of them. I would be tickled pink to see videos made of them. I would be super stoked if people sent them to me as prints because, to be quite honest, I don't think there is a bigger honor than having my work honored in such a way. If there aren't stories on Y-gallery about Baby and Maki, I will be so seriously disappointed. I will probably cry. Literally. I wish I were joking. Fanfiction is how you know you've made it into the mainstream and I would love to get there.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Game Rage: It's for my off OFF Spec!

I don't know what it is about this game that makes people think it's okay to name-call. People could choose to let it go, but they have to start a fight and then the have to run their mouths.

I ran Hour of Twilight heroics with the GF today so we could max out our valor before the reset tomorrow. Some douchebag kept rolling need on every piece he could despite being decked out in 490s. So the GF makes a casual comment on it. The tank responds with "It's called OS bitch".

Okay, fucking seriously?? Yeah, it's called OS, but it's also called fucking manners. So someone questioned why you were rolling need on something. It happens. Don't be a fucking twatwad about it and start calling people names. Just be like "It's for my OS". If they keep questioning, just ignore then or boot them from the group. It's not that hard.

Instead, not only was the tank in on it, but one of the DPS got in on it, too. And then teh GF got hot and she went on tilt and started dishing it back to them that they didn't need to roll need on anything because they weren't statted as a DPS. This is the part that burns my ass: the guy's OS was heals. He didn't even NEED a frigging DPS set, but he was trying to build one. For fucking what?? You're tank/heals. You can't roll three specs. It doesn't work like that! Why in the hell are you needing on it?
As the conversation rolls on, these assholes start commenting about the items and how she can't use them. No, she can't use them. She never said she COULD use them. She just said that he didn't NEED them, so she didn't understand why he WAS. Of course that was met with more insults. So she stops DPSing at all.

I'm eyerolling at this point because they're too busy bitching at her to actually work the fight. The tank wipes. I have to pull aggro and the heals is trying to heal me, but I have no crowd control. So I go down. The other DPS and heals are trying to keep the group alive and finally they just wipe. That's when the vote to kick came in.

I'm beyond a little pissed at this point, so I type a "there's too much bitching, not enough fighting going on around here and I'm gone. Good luck, guys". They kick the GF. So I have to do the ENTIRE FIGHT ALL OVER AGAIN from the final boss because these fuckwits can't talk and play the goddamned game at the same time.

If you can't bitch at someone AND play the game? STOP FUCKING BITCHING. Play the game, THEN BITCH. It's like being on your cell phone in fucking traffic. Can't talk and drive? HANG UP YOUR PHONE. You don't need an entire low level DPS set when you're tank/heals. If you want to roll as DPS, then drop your heals and run DPS. You have no reason other than Disenchanting and that's just low. The rest of us need mats, too. Grow the fuck up.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Game Rage: A BIG Post of Tanking Woes

Play on, Playa

I have a level 45 paladin tank. She's my second toon I'm going to level up so the guild she's in will have a dedicated tank or healer to play off of the other guild lead. My goal is to get her up to 85 so we can do guild runs on dungeons and level the guild. Right now we're a level 11 guild. They've been a guild for at least three years. It needs some serious life blown into it so people will consider joining an RP guild. Perks are nice. (Something I didn't realize until I moved one of my toons into an actual raiding guild.
Last night I queued for a dungeon and got in pretty well right away. I pop in at the beginning of a dungeon and three people are dead. There are also dead bodies lying around, so I figure the tank DCed, but I always ask what happened in case there's a problem I need to be aware of. I rez the Healer and she thanks me. I rez the DPS from Kel'Thuzad and blink. I never like having anyone from KT in my party. Still alive is a worgen rogue named Wal and another DPS that popped in when the last bailed. KT guy says the tank bailed because someone doesn't know how to watch their 44s. I have no idea what that means. Neither does the GF when I ask her from across the sofa. I just ignore it because the guy is from KT and probably an asshole as this has been my experience. Heals tells me the tank bailed and we're not even half way through the dungeon. I have only been in said dungeon once before and that was on my 85 to get a run achievement. I inform the group and Heals takes over as the run leader, filling me in on what I need to know as we go along.
We go straight through the door and take out the first group of trash, run a little further down the hall and there is a quest giver, a daily quest and some trash. Wal starts sneaking up on them and before I can tell him to wait so we can clear trash, he aggros the trash. All of it. The entire room. I rush in and start picking up aggro, pulling one of them off the heals because it seems to find her delicious. Meanwhile Wal isn't attacking trash, he's picking up quests. I shouldn't have to tell the DPS that their role is to, you know, attack things, but I post a generic "help" to the party chat and wait. He finally comes over to help out. As we're killing off the last two ogres.
Before I can say anything else to him, Wal runs off down the hall and up the ramp. Heals and I are replenishing mana. Next thing I know, here comes Wal running back down the ramp with a mob of trash following along behind. I take a deep breath and tell him to stop aggroing things. Heals types the same thing, telling him they don't want to have to wait for another tank. This is when Wal informs us this is his first dungeon. KTdps flips out and is like "dude, how long have you been playing?"
A week. He's level 45 and has only been playing a week. Oi. So I start informing him of my rules as a tank.
I now have them as a macro. That I am going to spam at the beginning of the run. Always and forever more. Because of this one run.
Heals tells Wal that he is a rogue and can stealth and run up to the questgivers, but it's always safer to just wait for the tank to clear out the trash. We manage to get everything taken care of, run down the hall toward the first boss. Wal puts on his ogre suit. He walks up to trash. Trash aggros to me. We take it down. He keeps going. He walks up beside the boss. Boss aggros. I am still taking on trash. Heals misses me and I wipe. The rest of the party wipes. Except Wal. He's still standing there in his ogre suit. Alive. Hasn't been attacking.
As I run back to my body, I am doing some very deep breathing exercises. VERY deep breathing. Trying to be slow and steady about it. I run toward my corpse indicator on the screen. Heals flips out on me at this point. "Oh for chrissakes, the door is right beside the angel!"
"I can leave if you'd like."
Wal whispers me "no". He then says he's GTG. He leaves party. We get a new DPS. I come into the dungeon and get hit immediately with a pat. I have to run back out. Heals asks where I'm at. I say I'm getting my ass kicked. They come back for me. DPS drops. We get a new DPS. Holy balls. We finally make it back to where we were and run to the next room. The new DPS is horribly helpful, telling us we have to clear all the trash before we take on the boss. I'm calling him Navi at this point. Navi keeps chirping about all the trash. We take on the boss. It takes for-ev-er. I can't figure out why.
The shammy dropped totem and did nothing else at all. I'm starting to suck my teeth at this point because it's totally not the party's fault we keep getting assholes. We have to wait for the two adds to get in with us. Shammy is still AFK. No DC, no warning. AFK. We four man the two adds. We run down the hall. We stand in front of trash and have to wait. And wait. And WAIT.
I lose my shit at this point and tell shams that he either needs to get his ass up with the rest of the group and start participating or I'm going to kick his ass and wait for the next ass scratcher to come in to play. He needs to get his thumb out of his ass and actually play the game or we're leaving him. Heals adds to that he will be booted if he doesn't pull his weight. He laughs it off.
We actually made it through the last boss. I don't know how. I'm seriously done at this point. Thankfully my friend had asked me to run with him and I bailed to my 85.
I play a tank, as I've said in my last post. Being a tank sucks sometimes. Sometimes you go on tilt and you say things that aren't the party's fault. It's up to you to be better than that.
I ran a few dungeons with a friend of mine the other night. We were queued for random Cataclysm dungeons. When we get in, the tank starts off right away. Since I'm geared for LFR, I'm overpowered for these dungeons, so I try and keep from doing anything too fast so the tank can grab aggro. I wait for them to gather and then heroic leap into the fray.
The tank starts flipping shit on me, freaking out, telling me to go kill myself and how I should do it, ranging everywhere from setting myself on fire to hanging myself in my basement to running into traffic.
My party member I'd run with, Cos, asks what's going on. The tank doesn't want to explain. He finally wheedles it out of her and she's pissed because someone has knockback and made her have to gather the group again. Understandable rant. Apparently she thinks it was me. I don't have knockback. I double check to make sure I don't have knockback. I don't have knockback. The knockback that happened froze some of the enemies, making it a little easier to round them up again. Regardless, the tank was on tilt. She said she was sick to shit of stupidity.
After I gave her a bit to calm down and we work through some more trash, she seems to have leveled out. That is, until the rogue snuck up ahead of her toward the boss and she lost her shit again. I left. Cos was playing heals. He left, too. Angry tanks? Not so much of the good. She must have REALLY been having a bad day.
Carry me!
I have a now level 52 pally tank. I like to level her because there's generally less bitching and wanking in the lower level dungeons. Today when I queue, I get a group of pretty laid back people that are fun to run with. We don't die, I'm keeping aggro and we're all good. So I run with them for the better part of two hours. Coming down on the last run before I have to leave, we end up with a new heals because heals keeps dropping after every fight instead of running with us again. No crisis. No one is making them stick around with us.
Enter the heals. We start the dungeon. We don't even get to the first boss before heals is whispering me "Kill me, this DPS sucks". I blink and just ignore it for a few minutes, but then I type back "can't kill heals" and go on about my business. We're in level 50 dungeons. Most of us are just facerolling it because we CAN. The channel goes quiet while we take down the first boss. Afterward, heals posts the recount. I'm doing 50% of the damage in the dungeon. One of the DPS is like "WOO TANK!" I'm pretty pleased with that as well. We celebrate by killing more trash.
Heals starts completely freaking the fuck out. "The DPS sucks! How do you ever expect to run DS with those kind of numbers!?"
Um. I don't. I'm level 52. You can't get into Dragon Soul until level 85. I'm still quite a good way off. I tell them this.
"That's no excuse to play with complete mediocrity! You should totally play your class and know your class and know what you're doing and ..." blah blah blah I tune them out and keep pulling trash. We make it to the second boss. Heals is still going on and the rest of the group is like "WTF dude, chill". I ask if we're going to keep bitching at one another or if I should pull. Heals gets pissy and says to just go, so I do. We whip the boss down and I stop putting so much into playing so maybe heals will shut the fuck up. This only seems to infuriate them more at our complete ineptitude.
"Okay, so I'm the tank, right? I'm pulling 50% of the damage, right? You only really have to heal me, right? What's your bitch, dude? If I'm not complaining, why does it matter?"
They launch into another long ramblerant about how we need to learn our toons and how to play and on and on and I post simply "TLDNR". This makes the heals even more upset, but at this point, I don't care. Instead, I tell him that he knew how he got in there, he knew how to get out. I just suggest that he tell me before I pull the final boss.
"No, go on. I can carry you through the final boss."
Um. Who's carrying whom, here, bitch? If I'm doing half the damage... isn't it ME carrying everyone?
I pull the boss. One of the DPS starts pulling higher numbers. Heals stops healing them. The hunter dies. Heals stops doing ANYTHING. Then leaves party. I rez the hunter.
I honestly don't understand why in the hell people have to put so much stock in numbers until you get to about level 80-85. They nerfed everything down so it's lower level anyway, especially since the point of the game is to get to 85 and do endgame shit, right? What makes the damned difference? And to come into a party and do nothing but cause problems when the group has otherwise been running just fine? Seriously? Get a grip.

For Writers: Word Counts

I have been researching to find out how many words a chapter should contain in a book.  There is no real hard and fast rule, but guesstimates have put an estimate between 4,000 and 10,000 with the average novel length for a first novel being 90,000 words and some of the higher end novels being 120,000 words.

The way to figure word counts is generally to count pages and then multiply by 250, which is the average word count on each page.  Harry Potter's chapters are around 21 pages long, putting the counts for a chapter at around 5,000ish.  So I wouldn't be too far off having Baby's first chapter being somewhere around 6,000.

I believe I have the first chapter written and it needs editing.  I'm just not sure who to give it to for an edit.  Most people won't want to hurt my feelings or don't have the technical knowledge to give me what I need.

Damnit, Krystel.  You're dead when I need you.  :)  I miss you a lot when it comes down to things like this.  I don't have your genius, your editing help or your sense of humor.  You will never be there to see me be published, nor will you be here to get the first autographed copy of my book.  I suppose I will have to just give you a dedication.  God I miss you so hard right now it's not even funny.  Sometimes I wish death wasn't so limiting to those still living.

Monday, April 9, 2012

Game Rage: NOT A TANK

When I popped back in after the dog's vet appointment today, the GF asks if I want to come to Naxx. Yeah, sure. I like to run some of the older stuff just to get out and do stuff. In the group, it's the GF, another guy from the guild and a healer I've seen running around Trade before. The guy from the guild was tanking, the healer was only level 83 and the tank wasn't listening for crap. We leave and take the healer with us.
We make it through trash and a couple bosses and I have to take the roomie to work. She's all wishy washy because I have to leave and so the GF offers to run through trash with her while I'm gone. They clear one wing down to a boss by the time I get back. We run in, smash through the safety dance and head to the next wing. The gauntlet with the eyestalks kicks our ass and we decide not to do it and head to another wing. Things are starting to get kinda tough, so I get my tank gear out of the bank.
Now... I'll be the first to say... I am not geared as a tank. I'm not a high level tank. I'm only level 370 in my gear and that's with half of it being my DPS gear, NOT my tank gear. I'm not a tank. However, if I'm in a pinch, I can play at it. I told her I'm not a tank. If she would have inspected me, she could have SEEN that I wasn't fully geared as a tank and that I don't have tank stats. I specifically told her I'm not geared but I can run through low levels with lower gear.
We pick up a DK DPS that heals brings in. Cool. Things will go a lot faster. We make it up to the zombie munching dog. I try and pull the dog back to the other side of the hall. I can't pull aggro from the DK. I tell the DK this. I tell him to pull the dog back. I tell him several times I can't keep the dog and he has to take the dog back over to the other side. He ignores me. And the GF when she tells him. We wipe. Painfully.
When we get to the tunnel where we jump down to the dog, I tell them I can't keep aggro on the dog. The DK insists he'll do the chow and let me have the dog. Um, okay, fine. Whatever you want to do, but I think it's a stupid idea. I know I can keep the chow. I doubt I'm going to be able to keep aggro on the dog. I go in, I aggro the dog. I try pulling the dog back. The dog gets stuck in the DK's AOE. I keep losing the aggro. Just like I said, I can't keep aggro.
Heals yells "Take the dog to the fukkin star" Um. Yeah. I'm "fukkin" trying. I'm NOT a fully outfitted tank. I'm not. I need time to get the dog on me, pull him back and then KEEP him away from the "fukkin" DK. We had the dog down to a quarter health. GF switches to healing stance to keep me alive. Heals can't keep the DK up. DK wipes. Heals stops healing me once DK goes down. GF switches to DPS again to keep the chow off the dog. Heals can't keep us alive. We wipe again.
This is when people get hot and people start insulting people and things just get ugly. Heals makes a pithy comment about how it was sad the DK was only using AOE attacks. Um, yeah. What part of not fully statted/geared do you not understand? I was doing this as a favor. I'm not a tank. I told her I wasn't a tank. I told her when she had asked me earlier in the dungeon to run her through Cataclysm regulars. I told her I could try, but that I wasn't a tank.
She tells me the next time I say I'm going to my bank to get my gear, I need to do it. Um, I did. But it's low level tank gear because I'm DPS. I only DPS. I have been trying to get my DPS gear up to snuff for raid. I haven't been gearing to tank because I changed over to a guild who HAS tanks. I don't HAVE to tank. When I tank, it's on a level 50 pally tank, not warrior and NOT in higher level shit. It's in dungeons, not raids. I don't bother explaining all of this to her, however. I figure at that point she was four sheets to the wind and it wasn't worth arguing over. I wasn't statted, geared OR GEMMED. I did it as a favor. I don't know why I keep being nice.
I left party and I'm still pissed. Not everyone sits at home all day playing World of Warcraft on their welfare money while their kids go rob convenience stores and live in shithole dirty conditions. I work, I clean my fucking house and I have this thing called a LIFE outside the fucking game. I spend my valor points on goddamned DPS gear to top my DPS gear so I can raid with my guild. I don't understand what's so hard to understand about that. I'm not a tank. I DPS.
Have I said that enough?? I'm a fucking DPS.
I think maybe this is why I shouldn't run with randoms anymore. I used to think the GF was crazy for not wanting to play PUG anymore, but this just lets me know exactly WHY I don't want to run with anyone outside the frigging guild. SO ANGRY.
I think it's time to go hunt down the last two races I need for my Noblegarden achievement

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Game Rage: Trade Chat

I don't usually read trade unless I'm bored out of my skull and looking for Jewelcrafting work. I happened to be so tired after work I couldn't focus and ended up stumbling on this priceless little conversation and I had to share. Names, of course, have been changed so people don't get crabby about it. Except Raul. He's a known troll, almost as bad as Lovedless.
Group Sex Convo1
Group Sex Convo2
Group Sex Convo3
Group Sex Convo4
Group Sex Convo 5
Group Sex Convo 7
Group Sex Convo7
These little conversations like this are rare. Most of the time it's all Thunderfury and Anal jokes. However, this one begs repeating. :)

Never really gets easier

Story time since it's on my mind and I wanted to share and ask a little extra patience.  May 20th. Mary and I are at a local garden shop...