For Writers: Word Counts

I have been researching to find out how many words a chapter should contain in a book.  There is no real hard and fast rule, but guesstimates have put an estimate between 4,000 and 10,000 with the average novel length for a first novel being 90,000 words and some of the higher end novels being 120,000 words.

The way to figure word counts is generally to count pages and then multiply by 250, which is the average word count on each page.  Harry Potter's chapters are around 21 pages long, putting the counts for a chapter at around 5,000ish.  So I wouldn't be too far off having Baby's first chapter being somewhere around 6,000.

I believe I have the first chapter written and it needs editing.  I'm just not sure who to give it to for an edit.  Most people won't want to hurt my feelings or don't have the technical knowledge to give me what I need.

Damnit, Krystel.  You're dead when I need you.  :)  I miss you a lot when it comes down to things like this.  I don't have your genius, your editing help or your sense of humor.  You will never be there to see me be published, nor will you be here to get the first autographed copy of my book.  I suppose I will have to just give you a dedication.  God I miss you so hard right now it's not even funny.  Sometimes I wish death wasn't so limiting to those still living.


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