Game Rage: Children's Week Harassment

Children's Week has the unfortunate circumstance of requiring players to PVP in order to earn an achievement. PVE players are required to enter PVP zones and do certain activities in order to earn the achievement. Four different battlegrounds, four different actions and four different ways to piss off all the PVP players world wide.
I would really like the achievement. I would also like the mount. Neither the achievement OR the mount are eligible for PVP anything, making this the goddamned stupidest achievement thus far in Azeroth. Every April, hundreds of RP and PVP players make their entrance into the PVP servers and try desperately for the achievement.
I have spent the last year playing, leveling and gearing my toon for PVE. Most specifically, to DPS in PVE. I've been rolling my way through LFR to gear as a tank. Neither of which is gearing to PVP. In order to PVP, you have to have special gear. A THIRD set of gear. I have other things I'm trying to work on in the PVE realm. I had eventually wanted to play PVP. I had planned, once I got geared in DPS and tanking that I would try out this PVP thing. After last night? I was furious enough that I never wanted to play PVP ever, ever again.
I queued for a PVP instance. I went in with my child out and asked nicely if they would mind if we got this achieve done. I was there for the achieve, nothing more. As soon as it was done, I was gone. If they would have inspected me, they would have known I wasn't geared to be there. I'm slow and hit hard, two good goals for PVE DPS. PVP needs haste and resilience, two stats that are NOWHERE on my gear. Period. I am not a PVP player.
The raid lead started griefing us that we need to at least TRY and play and win. Okay, understandable. He's there to PVP. Fine and good. As soon as I have this one goal finished, fine. I will try and fail to kill shit. Hoarde isn't playing around. They come in and wipe us out. Since Horde isn't playing nice, I decide to start trying to kill them.
I fail. Hard. They stun the shit out of me and wipe the floor with me. I'm painting the roses red. I rez.. I come back in and try again.
I would like to say Death Knights and Shadow Priests SUCK. I hate them both with a firey passion. So I run out and try and wipe out one of the players with the flag. I die. Horribly. At this point I start bitching that no matter what I do, I wipe. I can't even get a hit in on them. I get booted from the run.
The GF is still in with me. She's actually playing her hunter and trying to kill shit. She's making kills and racking up achieves. They continue to grief her through the entire run but they can't boot her for inactivity like they did me.
I should point out that during this run, they were saying we had killed our own healer, which is bullshit. You cannot target friendly players. Period. They were trying to tell us to go for the other team's healer. I thought I was with the priest when I realized it was shadow. I couldn't FIND a healing class anywhere in the two minutes I was in the BG, not that I could get close enough to the players to actually wipe them out. Or even hit them. I spent more time dead than alive.
I can't see what happens after I get kicked, but the GF continues telling them she IS doing her job, she IS killing things and targeting other players and they need to get over it. Knowing her, she's probably not being very nice about it because they started it. She gets out of the BG and we're bitching about it via the guild and a couple of our guildies who are serious PVP players offer to go in and help out. They ask for the achieve and after a bit of coaxing, I agree to go in.
A player whispers me. His name is Redlîw, which I find a little strange given the strange character. He asks if we're looking for players, which I tell him we are and he asks who he needs to talk to. I invite him in and tell him he just had. I then go into channel and welcome him into the guild. We are in the middle of ranting about having to play PVP for the PVE achieve.
Another toon joins the guild named xofekcol. They'd messaged the girlfriend and asked her for an invite. They come into the guild and stay relatively quiet. A third person whispers me and says two of their friends had just joined the guild and wanted to know if they could level with them. I say sure! The more the merrier! Welcome! I invite them in. This is about the point when my guildie gets me convinced to go play a PVP round again.
The newbie in the guild starts asking for tips for new warriors. I find this rather strange. No one ever asks me for tips about playing. I'm not a tip DPS even yet. I ask what kind of tips he's looking for, but I never see the answer because the queue pops.
I'm in Vent listening to the guildie tell me what needs done. I don't talk much. I generally listen unless I'm in serious trouble. That's the only way I talk in Vent. Otherwise I let the people who know what they're doing be the ones to talk. I generally follow orders pretty well. We get in and run straight forward in to the flag. Most of the time in PVP, the other players go for the towers instead. This time EVERYONE goes for the flag and camps it. I have to fight to get the flag, which I never do, and I die. A lot. Yay, only not.
It's about this point that the GF realizes Redlîw is Wîlder, the name of her toon, spelled backward. She realizes the toon she invited, xofekcol, is Lockefox, the name of my toon, spelled backward. Anaite, the third toon that came in keeps strangely quiet. They mostly escape my notice. I'm more worried about the griefers. I speak up in Vent, asking for a mod. They find one who comes in and boots one of the griefers. The second left of his own will before they could remove him. The third character sticks around and stays silent. We forget about them for as long as it takes me to finish the BG.
Then it strikes me they'd said their friends joined. The GF asks who their friends were. They said it was the two people they'd already kicked and they had only come in to make sure their friends didn't say or do anything too terrible while they were in the guild. The GF gets into Vent asking for a mod to come and remove that person as well.
As she's looking for someone to boot the last of the griefers, someone whispers me asking if our guild leader was online. I said no, but I wished he was because I needed to talk to him. They stop talking to me at that point. Anyone who was IN the guild could have gotten on and looked for themselves.
I am honestly looking for these assclowns to join the guild AGAIN under different toons and continue to harass us. I do not know what would possess someone to be that petty. Don't PVPers have better things to do than to join up in someone else's guild and be assholes to other players? I thought I left this shit behind in fucking high school.
At this point, I don't ever want to play PVP again. How big of an asshole do you have to be to do something like that to people? Come off of YOUR server, join mine, make toons that are the inverse of our player names, seek us out, join our guild and then start trouble. Really? Why don't you go back to your game. It obviously isn't keeping you entertained enough if you have to come and stalk me.
Needless to say, I filed a ticket with Bliz. I also filed a suggestion telling them to take the PVP aspect out of the achieve because if this is what is going to happen, I will never earn the achievement. If this is how PVP players are going to be, I don't want to associate with them. What kind of asshole does this kind of thing?
Last night I was ready to /gquit, change the name of my toon again and just give the fuck up. I know I was overreacting, but way to make me look like a douche to my guild, guys. I'm too stupid to realize the guy asking to come into the guild is my GF's toon backward.
I'm still upset about the whole thing and while normally bitching about it makes me feel better, this is just setting in the sadness. Time to go and do something else.


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