Game Rage: It's for my off OFF Spec!

I don't know what it is about this game that makes people think it's okay to name-call. People could choose to let it go, but they have to start a fight and then the have to run their mouths.

I ran Hour of Twilight heroics with the GF today so we could max out our valor before the reset tomorrow. Some douchebag kept rolling need on every piece he could despite being decked out in 490s. So the GF makes a casual comment on it. The tank responds with "It's called OS bitch".

Okay, fucking seriously?? Yeah, it's called OS, but it's also called fucking manners. So someone questioned why you were rolling need on something. It happens. Don't be a fucking twatwad about it and start calling people names. Just be like "It's for my OS". If they keep questioning, just ignore then or boot them from the group. It's not that hard.

Instead, not only was the tank in on it, but one of the DPS got in on it, too. And then teh GF got hot and she went on tilt and started dishing it back to them that they didn't need to roll need on anything because they weren't statted as a DPS. This is the part that burns my ass: the guy's OS was heals. He didn't even NEED a frigging DPS set, but he was trying to build one. For fucking what?? You're tank/heals. You can't roll three specs. It doesn't work like that! Why in the hell are you needing on it?
As the conversation rolls on, these assholes start commenting about the items and how she can't use them. No, she can't use them. She never said she COULD use them. She just said that he didn't NEED them, so she didn't understand why he WAS. Of course that was met with more insults. So she stops DPSing at all.

I'm eyerolling at this point because they're too busy bitching at her to actually work the fight. The tank wipes. I have to pull aggro and the heals is trying to heal me, but I have no crowd control. So I go down. The other DPS and heals are trying to keep the group alive and finally they just wipe. That's when the vote to kick came in.

I'm beyond a little pissed at this point, so I type a "there's too much bitching, not enough fighting going on around here and I'm gone. Good luck, guys". They kick the GF. So I have to do the ENTIRE FIGHT ALL OVER AGAIN from the final boss because these fuckwits can't talk and play the goddamned game at the same time.

If you can't bitch at someone AND play the game? STOP FUCKING BITCHING. Play the game, THEN BITCH. It's like being on your cell phone in fucking traffic. Can't talk and drive? HANG UP YOUR PHONE. You don't need an entire low level DPS set when you're tank/heals. If you want to roll as DPS, then drop your heals and run DPS. You have no reason other than Disenchanting and that's just low. The rest of us need mats, too. Grow the fuck up.


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