Game Rage: NOT A TANK

When I popped back in after the dog's vet appointment today, the GF asks if I want to come to Naxx. Yeah, sure. I like to run some of the older stuff just to get out and do stuff. In the group, it's the GF, another guy from the guild and a healer I've seen running around Trade before. The guy from the guild was tanking, the healer was only level 83 and the tank wasn't listening for crap. We leave and take the healer with us.
We make it through trash and a couple bosses and I have to take the roomie to work. She's all wishy washy because I have to leave and so the GF offers to run through trash with her while I'm gone. They clear one wing down to a boss by the time I get back. We run in, smash through the safety dance and head to the next wing. The gauntlet with the eyestalks kicks our ass and we decide not to do it and head to another wing. Things are starting to get kinda tough, so I get my tank gear out of the bank.
Now... I'll be the first to say... I am not geared as a tank. I'm not a high level tank. I'm only level 370 in my gear and that's with half of it being my DPS gear, NOT my tank gear. I'm not a tank. However, if I'm in a pinch, I can play at it. I told her I'm not a tank. If she would have inspected me, she could have SEEN that I wasn't fully geared as a tank and that I don't have tank stats. I specifically told her I'm not geared but I can run through low levels with lower gear.
We pick up a DK DPS that heals brings in. Cool. Things will go a lot faster. We make it up to the zombie munching dog. I try and pull the dog back to the other side of the hall. I can't pull aggro from the DK. I tell the DK this. I tell him to pull the dog back. I tell him several times I can't keep the dog and he has to take the dog back over to the other side. He ignores me. And the GF when she tells him. We wipe. Painfully.
When we get to the tunnel where we jump down to the dog, I tell them I can't keep aggro on the dog. The DK insists he'll do the chow and let me have the dog. Um, okay, fine. Whatever you want to do, but I think it's a stupid idea. I know I can keep the chow. I doubt I'm going to be able to keep aggro on the dog. I go in, I aggro the dog. I try pulling the dog back. The dog gets stuck in the DK's AOE. I keep losing the aggro. Just like I said, I can't keep aggro.
Heals yells "Take the dog to the fukkin star" Um. Yeah. I'm "fukkin" trying. I'm NOT a fully outfitted tank. I'm not. I need time to get the dog on me, pull him back and then KEEP him away from the "fukkin" DK. We had the dog down to a quarter health. GF switches to healing stance to keep me alive. Heals can't keep the DK up. DK wipes. Heals stops healing me once DK goes down. GF switches to DPS again to keep the chow off the dog. Heals can't keep us alive. We wipe again.
This is when people get hot and people start insulting people and things just get ugly. Heals makes a pithy comment about how it was sad the DK was only using AOE attacks. Um, yeah. What part of not fully statted/geared do you not understand? I was doing this as a favor. I'm not a tank. I told her I wasn't a tank. I told her when she had asked me earlier in the dungeon to run her through Cataclysm regulars. I told her I could try, but that I wasn't a tank.
She tells me the next time I say I'm going to my bank to get my gear, I need to do it. Um, I did. But it's low level tank gear because I'm DPS. I only DPS. I have been trying to get my DPS gear up to snuff for raid. I haven't been gearing to tank because I changed over to a guild who HAS tanks. I don't HAVE to tank. When I tank, it's on a level 50 pally tank, not warrior and NOT in higher level shit. It's in dungeons, not raids. I don't bother explaining all of this to her, however. I figure at that point she was four sheets to the wind and it wasn't worth arguing over. I wasn't statted, geared OR GEMMED. I did it as a favor. I don't know why I keep being nice.
I left party and I'm still pissed. Not everyone sits at home all day playing World of Warcraft on their welfare money while their kids go rob convenience stores and live in shithole dirty conditions. I work, I clean my fucking house and I have this thing called a LIFE outside the fucking game. I spend my valor points on goddamned DPS gear to top my DPS gear so I can raid with my guild. I don't understand what's so hard to understand about that. I'm not a tank. I DPS.
Have I said that enough?? I'm a fucking DPS.
I think maybe this is why I shouldn't run with randoms anymore. I used to think the GF was crazy for not wanting to play PUG anymore, but this just lets me know exactly WHY I don't want to run with anyone outside the frigging guild. SO ANGRY.
I think it's time to go hunt down the last two races I need for my Noblegarden achievement


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