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Book Review: The Stone Crow

The Stone Crow by Lori Green My rating: 5 of 5 stars I absolutely adored The Stone Crow by Lori Green. This story is a little on the darker side, but it is so masterfully done I cannot recommend it highly enough. The story is about a girl named Sara who sets out on the run from her preacher father who has been stealing souls for a dark god named Mourningstar on the promise of immortality. Aided along the way by a man who becomes a second father to her, Sara travels the countryside working in garages as a mechanic to pay bills while staying ahead of her Daddy's advance. She is met by a dark stranger in black clothes and a cowboy hat who tells her he can help her. (view spoiler) [When Sara's surrogate father passes away, she finds herself on her own and afraid, on the run from her father on her own again and lost without that guiding light. The god Crow comes to her aid, and although he must walk the earth, he is with her while he can stop walking. His passing entrance and ex

Game Rage: Fuck Firelands

My new guild has talked me into taking up Arms. One of the tanks talked me into it saying I could do better DPS if I was in Arms instead of Fury. This is all based off of Firelands, mind you. With the fucking dogs. I’m going to fucking rageface on Rageface. And if Riplimb were a real puppy, I’d fucking punt him off the front porch into traffic. We got Rageface no problem. Fucking Riplimb is a goddamned untankable ADHD roid raging Chihuahua on crack and he can get fucked so hard his MAMA feels it. They had me chasing that fucking dog through a goddamned MINEFIELD of traps. I couldn’t use Heroic Leap or Charge because I would have run through a trap. My rotation is complicated, but it doesn’t seem to be ANY LESS COMPLICATED than the one I have to learn as Arms. The problem is I have to watch my feet, watch the DPS, watch the screen, watch what other people are doing, bust people out of traps when they step in them, hit the boss, hit the dog, go back to the boss…. Did I mention the

Happy Mother's Day!

My neighborhood is full of little crotch fruit their parents apparently don't care enough to watch. The little lawn goblins run amok around a couple of street blocks with other neighborhood kids of various ages. When the older kids are out, most of the time they keep the younger ones from killing themselves and each other. When they're not, however, you have to drive about ten miles an hour because the little heathens will come darting out from the woods beside the collection of houses like the Children of the Corn. They run right out in front of your car and then stand looking at you like you should have been watching for them. How dare you be driving down this public street! A pair of the boys, who can't be more than ten, like to ride their bikes out and see how fast they have to go to get in front of the car before the cars hit them. In the middle of the street and not at the stop signs. They like to throw rocks at cars. They try to see if they can get them in through m

Book Review: Mariposa

Mariposa by C.L. McCullough My rating: 5 of 5 stars I would like to begin this review by saying I loved this book. I liked it so much I am actually picking up an e-pub as soon as it is released. (I was fortunate enough to have an advance reader's copy courtesy of Lyrical.) Mariposa is a headstrong woman in the 1930s with a God-fearing, rigid mother who tells her frequently she is the Devil's child and demands she rebuke the witchcraft of her grandmother. Once Mari is old enough, however, she stays with her Gran and learns herbs and medicines and, although she denies her powers, finally finds them with the aid of her Gran's journal, her Gran's cat Grey Malkin and her Gran's friend Willa. Since she was little, Mari dreamed of a black horse that became a dragon who became a man. She held this vision as her "dream man" and all through a lonely childhood never really found a suitor. (view spoiler) [Mari learns, upon her Gran's death, that a powerful forc

First Edits

A few weeks ago, I sent out a test "first" chapter to an editor to look over. She read through the first five pages and gave me some suggestions to slay the early writing demons. I was rather pleased that she took the bite at my book to begin with, especially with as disjointed as my description was. She was intrigued and she warned me ahead of time she was a harsh mistress. I took it as a good sign. I can see how she could think I would hate her. She's harsh and direct but it isn't mean-spirited. She honestly sees problems and is making suggestions for me to improve. All of the suggestions she makes I can at least understand, even if a couple of them I believe are wrong. She is ruthless with unnecessary words, which is something I am HORRIBLE at. She also made suggestions for my entirely too wordy run-on sentences. She didn't re-write my book for me, which is what a couple of other editors have tried to do for me in the past, but she made firm suggestions.


I have a problem. I have been in three guilds over the last year with my main. All of these guilds, for one reason or another, stop serving my needs and I bail. I'm feeling that urge yet again for reasons I can't really understand. The first guild I joined was an RP guild. I could level and do achievements and whatnot on my own. Sometimes the other members of the guild would run me through things to help me level. When I hit 85 on my main, three of my guildies were there with me. All though my leveling, there were opportunities for RP. I would tag along and my toon would make suggestions that were always ignored by the higher ups. When there were important goings on, my toons were slighted and left outside to guard a magical door. They were never given duties when everyone else, even minor characters, were involved and given at least a minor duty. We were told if we had questions to ask, but we never saw any of the guild leaders or the RP leads online. On top of that, we d