Game Rage: Fuck Firelands

My new guild has talked me into taking up Arms. One of the tanks talked me into it saying I could do better DPS if I was in Arms instead of Fury.
This is all based off of Firelands, mind you. With the fucking dogs. I’m going to fucking rageface on Rageface. And if Riplimb were a real puppy, I’d fucking punt him off the front porch into traffic. We got Rageface no problem. Fucking Riplimb is a goddamned untankable ADHD roid raging Chihuahua on crack and he can get fucked so hard his MAMA feels it.
They had me chasing that fucking dog through a goddamned MINEFIELD of traps. I couldn’t use Heroic Leap or Charge because I would have run through a trap. My rotation is complicated, but it doesn’t seem to be ANY LESS COMPLICATED than the one I have to learn as Arms. The problem is I have to watch my feet, watch the DPS, watch the screen, watch what other people are doing, bust people out of traps when they step in them, hit the boss, hit the dog, go back to the boss….
Did I mention the roid rage Chihuahua? How he runs all over the field through fire he drops and runs over the traps like they’re non-existent? Did I mention I can’t keep up with that fucking dog when he runs? Did I mention he’s untankable??
Fuck that dog. Seriously.
I started out as Arms on Locke. I went to Fury. Now I have to go back to arms again and it pisses me off that I’ve been busting my ass so long on this spec to get good and now I’m being told I’m not.It just makes me think that people have just been blowing smoke up my ass that I’m not good enough and until now, no one has told me because they feel sorry for me. I’ve asked for help before, asked if I’m doing okay, if there’s anywhere I can improve my character and everyone so far has said that 20k is fine. I do 20k. When I’m not running. If they didn’t have me running my fucking ass off, I would haev been FINE. I can do my charge and leap and have been over on top of it. But if I would have done that and dropped my fucking dumbshit ass into a goddamned trap, I would have gotten my ass reamed.I can MOVE around the fucking field IF there aren’t fucking MINE FIELDS for me to fucking DANCE THROUGH.
I’m going to sleep on it. Right now I’m just pissed off.
So I've said this before and I've posted about it with the same guild I'm bitching about now. *cough*
Fuck. Firelands.
Tonight we went in with a raid leader who didn't know the fucking fight and told us to burn one dog before the other. When we burned both dogs at the same time, we got down to Shannox. When we didn't, we didn't. And we wiped. And wiped. AND WIPED.
After raid, I took my happy ass over and found this video. I can't post videos to my Wordpress because I'm cheap, but here's a link for you to watch it yourself. I LOVE FATBOSS TV SO HARD. Just sayin'.
Anyway! So watching that video, I found that the dogs HAVE TO GO DOWN AT THE SAME TIME WHILE THE BOSS DROPS DOWN TO ABOUT 35%. Once the dogs are down, we drop the boss and it's easy peasy lemon squeezy.
.... the first thing he said was NOT to get the dogs down at the same time. WTF.
Also, the red circle on the ground I didn't know what the hell it was? Yeah. That's the thing you KEEP THE DOG FROM GETTING. THAT'S why you put him in the fucking trap. NOT because you feel like it, but because IT KEEPS YOUR TANK ALIVE.
When we "run this tomorrow at like 9 or 930 or 945 or 10 at the latest", I'm going to tell the Raid Lead he needs to not be a fucking wanker. The end.


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