Book Review: Not Another Soldier

Not Another SoldierNot Another Soldier by Samantha Holt
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sienna Wright has just become an ex-military wife. Her husband Rob was killed, not in active duty, but in an accident. There to help her through is her husband's best friend and fellow Marine, Nick Jackson. Nick has been harboring feelings for Sienna from the day she met her husband. Although he wants to be a friend, his ambition is to make her his-- like she should have been from the beginning.

Having come through a crappy marriage, Sienna just wants to figure out who she is again and find herself and her independence. She moves off base and into her own place. That's where the action starts.

Sienna finds out her recently deceased husband was involved in some pretty risky business and now there are people after her. Of course Nick is there to help her, but their relationship or lack thereof keeps getting in their way. Sienna and Nick spend a lot of time doing the horizontal lambada in this book. Nick can't keep his hands off of her and she's just as bad. The sex scenes aren't drawn out or overly poetic, however, which I liked.

Keep in mind, plus/minus mileage may vary:

-: I did have a little trouble with the flow of the story. It seemed like a lot of, as they say in the military, "hurry up and wait", which would be typical in their situation. Like a real life danger situation, once you think it's all clear, you find out you're in over your head again. There was a lot of nookie and Nick is slightly possessive

+: I really enjoyed this story and it kept me turning pages. Nick and Sienna are adorably cute together. I was rooting for Nick through the whole thing. I'm rarely a fan of alpha types, but Nick wasn't an ass about being in charge and I LOVED that. While he was possessive and protective, he let Sienna be a real human being. The epilogue is super sweet.

I enjoyed Not Another Soldier. It was descriptive instead of telling like many books I've read lately. I was enveloped in the story instead of feeling like a bored bystander.

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