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Recipes: Crock Pot Meals

I have found two websites definitely worth saving and I thought I'd drop them here, especially since one of my clients asked me about the crock pot meals. Do all your shopping for the week, freeze the meals and drop them in a crock pot before you leave for work. Dinner is ready when you get home. I've done all the recipes and they were all good. Some of them I had to tweak because I don't like my food quite as spicy or sometimes it needs a little beefing up for the family. I'll post the tweaks I've made sometime in the future. One pot dinners are amazing. If I don't have to use more than one pot, bowl or kettle for a dinner on a weeknight, I'm in love. (See the chicken pot pie soup and chicken or beef pot pie recipes if you need clarification!) I've not yet tried these, but they look incredible. Again, as I work throu

Massage: Being "Too Helpful"

There are a few things that make my job more difficult during a massage. Many times clients will hold their arms up where they think I want the limb positioned. Sometimes they will pick up each finger in secession as I massage each one. They anticipate where I will work next. When I adjust their head or move their hair, they pick their heads up from the table. Some clients will hold their heads rigid while I work their neck and don't allow their heads to move with the natural flow of the massage. Instead of allowing their head to roll to the side, they will tense against the work I am doing. When I undrape their leg, they move it closer to the edge of the table. Many of these motions are unnecessary. In the six years I have been doing massage, I've gotten very good at picking up limp body parts and positioning heads or limbs where necessary. The general rule in my massage is "If I need you to move, I'll tell you or I'll do it myself". I can pick your head u