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Book Review: His by Sunset & Tequila Sunrise

His By Sunrise by Talina Perkins My rating: 4 of 5 stars His by Sunrise is the first in the Sexy Siesta series of books. Each story is a stand alone. They are an incredibly quick read. A promise made to a Marine brother has Blake Mitchell sitting on his hands instead of putting the moves on Isabella Marie despite his feelings for her. She has worked for the family since her brother's death, but Blake's distance makes her think she needs to stay away. But finding her resignation spurs Blake to action. He devises a plan to make her his by Sunrise. Minus: The story is essentially one long sex scene. It had me puzzling where the author was going to go from when she already had the main characters coming together so soon. The phrase "warm liquid" was overused. Plus: The story is essentially one long sex scene. :) It's very well written and kept me turning pages. The description pulled me into the story. I'm not a fan of sex scenes, but this one was very well don

For Writers: Formatting for Submission

When I had my first shiny draft ready for submission to my dream publisher, I cruised over to their website and clicked on their submission page. "These are the submission guidelines for all writers seeking publication." And the list was extensive. I perused the list and finally about three quarters of the way down the page, they listed submission guidelines that I thankfully read. They wanted a .doc file and suggested including your contact information not only in your email, but also in the document. They wanted manuscripts formatted in traditional format. If we didn't know what that was, we were told to Google it. Google I did. I found  William Shunn's Manuscript formatting . Not only did he give the information, he did so by writing it in a document so you could actually SEE what he was talking about. Excellent! I set up a Word document that was correctly formatted and saved it as a template. I use that for each short story I write. How to fo

For Writers: Facebook Release Party

When my first book,  The Layover , came out in February of 2014, it was a complete shock and surprise. I'd spent endless hours learning better writing techniques and figuring out my personal brand and how to set myself up as a genuine interesting person. I always figured I'd learn marketing when my first book was written and sent out for submission. I never expect a short story for an anthology to become my first book. The publisher expected me to market. I had no idea how to market a book. I frantically searched Google and found next to nothing of interest or value. Most sites suggested hiring someone for marketing. I hadn't saved any money for promotion and I didn't want to spend a whole lot of money in the first place. I was overwhelmed. Thankfully my writing buddies  H.C. Brown  and  Bobbi Romans  walked me through some of the tricks they use. I had a place to start. Release Party on Facebook   Facebook parties are fairly simple if you have enough tra

Silent No More

Trigger warning: street harassment, fat shaming When I was in my early twenties, I worked on an overnight team at a department store. I arrived to the store early every night to have a cigarette before I clocked in for my shift. I stood at the far end of the building near the employee parking. The building was not well lit in the employee lot. Most employees left during daylight hours or left in large groups. I had never feared for my safety going to and from my car. I'd never been bothered while I was smoking. I also wore all black, my skin was white as snow and I dyed my hair black #1. Most people in my small town didn't come near me. They were scared of me because of my appearance. That didn't stop the man who pulled up to the stop sign at the corner of the building and rolled down his window. "How much?" he called at me. I couldn't have heard him right. There's no way someone would stop their car and say something like that. I scanned th

For Writers: Writer's Block

Life of a Writer by Seetheduck on Deviantart Ah,  writer's block ! The harbinger of death for writers, poets and authors. No writer or author in my small sample has escaped the clutches of their best frienemy. You sit in front of a blank document rather it be Word,  Open Office  or  Scrivener  and stare at the screen. You want to write. You need to write. Nothing is coming. Not even the repulsive drivel you'll later delete or edit away. Not a single word enters your brain. Every attempt wafts like smoke through the empty chasm of your mind, arid like the Mohave and complete with tumbleweeds. And those stupid weeds don't give you a damned bit of help, either. The longer you stymie in the Block, the more locked down your brain becomes. You have to write. But you can't write. But you need to write! But nothing comes out! No ideas. WHAT DO I DO!? You browse Twitter. You filter through Facebook. You find something to occupy your mind while you sit in fro