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I'm moving all of my Wordpress blog posts I want to keep over to this blog. I've posted SO MUCH today I finally tripped the "Prove you're not a robot" button to pop up. I'm worried this is going to make my life that much more difficult on Blogger. So if you read this, Blogger Gods, I swear I'm not a spammer and I swear I'm not trying to overload anything or be a pain in the arse. I'm just trying to get the !*&# AWAY from Wordpress. I've labeled most of my posts from the date they were originally posted on my other blogs. Hopefully I haven't spammed everyone. Maybe I should consider saving things as drafts and posting more tomorrow... It got to the point of making me put in the captcha... and then it went to making me select photos. I think I've angered both the Blogger Gods AND the Captcha Gods. Thankfully I'm done for tonight. Blog has been moved. We resume our normal programming after these messages.

Nowhere to Call Home

Apparently Wordpress has seen fit to end its contract with me after I'd purchased a web domain from them. My website is still visible, but I am unable to log in and use said blog. I am unable to update, unable to make changes, unable to download posts, files and pages... I've moved my author blog here and I am in the process of finding out how to claim my domain name from whatever Wordpress has done with it. I will be moving my blog here even though I absolutely loved the premium theme I purchased on Wordpress. I am furious beyond words that they say my website has somehow violated their terms of service. I'm an author. I'm not made of money. I have moved my book blog here because of a supposed violation of terms of service. And now here we are in the same boat. I don't want to have to pay for yet ANOTHER site and have a blog in two different places. I am NOT happy. All my old blog posts can still, for now, be seen at the following address: https://deaubreyd