Nowhere to Call Home

Apparently Wordpress has seen fit to end its contract with me after I'd purchased a web domain from them. My website is still visible, but I am unable to log in and use said blog. I am unable to update, unable to make changes, unable to download posts, files and pages...

I've moved my author blog here and I am in the process of finding out how to claim my domain name from whatever Wordpress has done with it. I will be moving my blog here even though I absolutely loved the premium theme I purchased on Wordpress.

I am furious beyond words that they say my website has somehow violated their terms of service. I'm an author. I'm not made of money. I have moved my book blog here because of a supposed violation of terms of service. And now here we are in the same boat. I don't want to have to pay for yet ANOTHER site and have a blog in two different places.

I am NOT happy.

All my old blog posts can still, for now, be seen at the following address:

As long as Wordpress leaves it up, you can read all my tomfoolery. From here on out, all posts will be made on Blogger. :) Now the pesky business of transferring my domain name. I paid for the sucker... I want to use it.


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