Monday, April 20, 2015

News: Origins

I will be attending Origins gaming festival in June. See the events page for more details. I likely won't be running anything, but I will be reporting for the Caffeine Crew.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Mashed Potatoes


I don't know if you guys are familiar with the concept of sticking your dick in the mashed potatoes, but the idea is like this:

Someone is having a party. Everyone knows you don't stick your dick in the mashed potatoes, so no one does because everyone just knows not to walk in and stick their dick in mashed potatoes.

Then you get someone who walks in and does just what is understood you don't do. So you have to make a rule. "Do not stick your dick in mashed potatoes"

Then you get people who like to run off to the head. How close can I get mashed potatoes before my dick is considered in them? What if they're mashed sweet potatoes? What about yams? The answer comes back "No mashed potatoes of any kind".


Okay, rant over. *coughs*

You also cannot put dildos in the mashed potatoes. You didn't grow the dick, so you cannot put it in the mashed potatoes. I don't care if you bought it, it doesn't go in the mashed potatoes. Not at my party.

And since I noticed this in another thread of conversation, I do have to state that, in fact, it is not acceptable to stick your dick in the corn unless everyone is done eating it, in which case, yes, of course, feel free to stick your dick in the buttery goodness. But ask first, for Godssakes. And as for the green bean casserole, go ahead and stick as much of your dick in that as you want, no one really likes that stuff anyway.

"If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" Similarly, If there is no one around and a dick slides into the mashed potatoes, did the rule get broken? My answer is yes. If you don't like it, go to someone else's dinner.

Yes vulvas really do count as dicks. We now have a rule change that states "No dicks or vulvas in the mashed potatoes."

You people rock my socks. So seriously. And I am thinking about posting this somewhere that isn't adult in nature just so people can link to it without causing trouble.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Reference Links for That's so Kawaii! Japanese Street Fashion panel

If you attended my Japanese Street Fashion panel at a convention, these are my resources.

My panel was based off my article in the D20 Girls Magazine. You can check out my article at the D20 website


Fruits Magazine:

Refinery video on Decora:

Deconstructing Lolita:


Studio Hard:

Nobuyuki Takahashi:

History of Cosplay:

Caitlin Savage blog:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Preparing for Midorifest

Although my schedule will probably be changing, here's a list of events I will be participating in for Midorifest this upcoming weekend.

Saturday April 18th:
10am Panel - How to Play Role Play Games

12-2p - Munchkin

2-5p - D20 Booth selling all the things!

5-8p RPG - New World of Darkness

9pm Panel - That's so Kawaii! Japanese Street Fashion

10pm - D20 meet and greet

11pm - Hunter the Vigil RPG

Sunday April 19th:
9-11am - D20 Table

12-2 - Zombie Dice!

1-6 Hunter the Vigil

COME SAY HELLO! I want people to play games with!

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

A word of warning

For all my author friends, I've mentioned my blog has been banned through Wordpress. While my author blog was perfectly fine, my book promotion blog, Yeah Books!, was terminated for violation of their terms of service. 

I read through Wordpress's terms of service and their user guidelines and saw nothing saying I'd done anything wrong. I contacted Wordpress about removing the ban and was basically told tough noogies. 

So I leave the blog banned and go about my merry way, only to find a few months later my USERNAME is blocked and I can't administer ANY of my sites. Now I'm extremely angry and I fire off another email to them asking to know WHY. After going rounds with them telling them I am unable to log in and that it is not, in fact, my domain name expiring that caused the problem. Repeatedly. Beat that dead horse some more... I finally get someone with a brain who tells me my login was disabled because of my book blog they had already banned. 

Can I get that back? None of my other sites are in violation of any rules I've read available on the Wordpress site. I figured with the book blog banned and shut down I was just stuck with it and would have to deal with it. Nope. Apparently I was supposed to delete a blog I didn't have the power to delete. Cue more angry on my end. I finally talk the Wordpress people into thawing my login, making the blog private so I can get interviews off there I otherwise wouldn't have been able to retrieve and moved all my posts elsewhere. 

Since I had someone's attention, I asked them specifically why my book blog was banned. They told me this, and I quote: 

"Your posts need to be unique and original. Content from book promotional companies, for blog tours, cover reveals, book blitzes, etc, are considered spam and are not welcome on

Any of your own original interviews or reviews are welcome and encouraged."

But when I read the link in the link they gave me, the wording is really vague and I apparently DON'T "know what it is". The phrasing is this: 

"Spam or machine-generated content.
You know what this is, but in general, sites such as those primarily dedicated to drive traffic to third party sites, boost SEO, phish, spoof, or promote affiliate marketing aren’t cool. We don’t want you to pollute the web outside of either, so we ask you to please avoid sending unwanted or unsolicited promotions or emails about your site, even if it’s not on
Bear in mind that these are just guidelines — interpretations are up to us."

Where exactly in this is the quoted policy? Where in this is the problem? I didn't have machine generated content. I hand posted everything on that blog. I formatted it myself. I call bullshit and I want to warn my fellow authors whom I know also promote books for their friends.

Here's a link to the guidelines, not that they're helpful at all:

Never really gets easier

Story time since it's on my mind and I wanted to share and ask a little extra patience.  May 20th. Mary and I are at a local garden shop...