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Book Review: Twilight over Moldavia

Twilight Over Moldavia by Stephanie Burkhart My rating: 3 of 5 stars Witches and werewolves and vampires, oh my! Twilight over Moldavia is the second book in a series of paranormal romance. I have to say I was very entertained. The story starts a little slow, but once it gets rolling, it's an entertaining read. The main character, Stefan, is a well groomed leader for his country: remarkably calm and reserved. He is betrothed to Caroline who steps in to fill her sister's shoes after her untimely death. The unification of Romania is a large piece of the story and the marriage of the pair will create the unity they search for. The story weaves in Romanian history and touches of the rich culture and is reminiscent in feel to Malificent. The author spends time fleshing out the scenery as they pair tour over the country. As much as I liked this book, the “tour the country with my bride to be and we fall in love” trope was easy to call despite their falling in love being a gradual

Transgender people are PEOPLE and we have a responsibility to them

Trigger warning: Trans suicide I posted an interview today over at Yeah Books. It really hit me hard as I was reading through the interview document. I need to start including a trigger warning in my interviews because this one bottomed me out to a sobbing mess on the floor. Literally. I'm not making this up. It took me almost an hour to get myself back together enough to start typing this post. I'm sure it will go through more edits before I finally post it because I'm typing through tears and hyperventilation. If you are not sensitive to the topic of suicide, particularly Transgender persons, please go to Yeah Books and read the interview that posted today. The interview began normally. Talking about general conversational topics. Then it turned with the question "Did you meet any interesting people during your writing process" or something similar. The author begins on a retelling of Tr

D20 Girls photos from Midorifest

These photos were from Midorifest and was my first D20 photo. How fabulous do we all look??  The D20 Girls were representing from five states for Midorifest. That's an awesome turnout, in my not so humble opinion. Not to mention we had some AMAZING cosplayers and every one of the girls was fantastic.

Blackberry Sangria

I was asked today on Twitter what my blackberry sangria recipe was and I thought, what the hell! I'll share on the blog, too! I use a bottle of red wine, generally something with matching notes of citrus, blackberry and vanilla. For tonight's Sangria, I used Gato Negro Cabernet Merlot. Sweet, but not too sweet. It helps balance the homemade blackberry syrup. It's hard as hell to find pure cranberry juice, so in a pinch I used a cranberry blackberry juice cocktail. The recipe is WAY better with pure cranberry juice. And, because it's delicious, I add in a little Tuaca. Mmmm. To make blackberry syrup, you'll need two pints of blackberries. Put them in a food processor or blender and add a little water to blend them together. Run the berry pulp through a sieve using a wooden spoon. Discard the seeds. Add a cup and a quarter white sugar and bring to a boil. Allow to cool. You can substitute whatever blackberry syrup you'd like instead. I believe Carabba's us

Post Marcon Update

I survived Marcon! The gaming department received a lot of really great compliments. One of the participants said the gaming department was the most organized it had been in over 12 years. The people who came down to play requested more Pathfinder next year. The Munchkin and Zombie Dice games went over really well. We have ideas on improving the space constraints next year. I received invites from both the Vampire LARP and Amtgard troupes in Columbus to come check out their events. I didn't have time to play with them at all during the weekend. I couldn't even attend the Bodily Expression LARP even though the DJ was freaking AMAZING. I'm not sure who he was, my friend Mystie did. I want him back next year. He's incredible. I met a lot of really awesome D20 girls, especially a new girl Darla and Jennacide, whom I've been talking with for quite awhile but had never met. I worked with Kate, Mikki and Suzi at MidoriFest.  I plan on returning next year, althou