Post Marcon Update

I survived Marcon! The gaming department received a lot of really great compliments. One of the participants said the gaming department was the most organized it had been in over 12 years. The people who came down to play requested more Pathfinder next year. The Munchkin and Zombie Dice games went over really well. We have ideas on improving the space constraints next year.

I received invites from both the Vampire LARP and Amtgard troupes in Columbus to come check out their events. I didn't have time to play with them at all during the weekend. I couldn't even attend the Bodily Expression LARP even though the DJ was freaking AMAZING. I'm not sure who he was, my friend Mystie did. I want him back next year. He's incredible.

I met a lot of really awesome D20 girls, especially a new girl Darla and Jennacide, whom I've been talking with for quite awhile but had never met. I worked with Kate, Mikki and Suzi at MidoriFest. 

I plan on returning next year, although I will space myself out better and make sure I know exactly what my responsibilities are. One of my panels was completely railroaded by the "senior moderator" for Marcon. Whatever that means. He took over my panel and it wasn't even discussing what it was I'd planned to talk about.

The writing panel was kind of a joke. I wasn't overly thrilled and was talked over by the other panelists. No one had an outline of what we're supposed to talk about. I don't know if that's the moderator's responsibilities or what.

I really enjoyed doing my street fashion presentation with Deja Sweets. I'm considering getting involved with the Lolita community. I have a dress I need to modify. I wanted to attend the Lolita tea party, but I was in another panel.

Less panels next year. More doing things I wanna do. Like dance. And have tea with Loli girls.

I will have a review coming up on the Caffeine Crew website and my friend Mystie will have a review on the D20 Girls blog and magazine. If you missed Marcon, you really did miss out on something spectacular.


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