Long absences

It's amazing how much one person's death can affect your daily life. Even when that person wasn't someone you saw often.

My dad passed on June 8th from a one year and ten day battle with esophageal cancer. It has taken me over two months to get myself back to a place where I feel relatively human. I'm getting back into creative endeavors again. I have ideas for a couple of books. I've been keeping notes.

I've accepted a position with the D20 Girls as the assistant state manager for Ohio. I'm not entirely sure how that happened, to be honest. I was trying to quit and ended up accepting the position. I've stepped back from conventions lately because many expect me to work at least 20 hours to keep my badge. Considering I will not be taking time off work to do these events, I can't make the required time commitment. I would still like to work in the gaming departments, but that may be something I cannot do on a part time schedule.

I have been working on crochet projects. Making prizes for the D20 Girls. And I'm learning Pathfinder. Not to mention I picked up a Wednesday evening Vampire game with a friend. It's been forever since I've played.

I'm alive. I'm mostly well. And I'm getting better. I don't know that it's ever going to stop hurting... but it gets a little easier to ignore every week.

Start up a conversation with me. I'll reply. I've been quiet on all social media except Line and Game of War. My Line username is Lockefox. My Game of War server is Demon. Come play with me.


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