Marcon Game Night

I will be at the Marcon Game Night fundraiser to support Marcon 2016. Admission is five dollars and gets you entry to one tourney. Other tournaments are $5 a piece going on all night. We will also be doing game demos and instruction. I'll most likely be at the Marcon pre-reg table, the food booth or manning the bake sale while I do chair massages for a dollar a minute. We will also have food for a small donation. I will have my eggless banana bread for sale and some friendship bread as well as my homemade chocolate body butter.

Saturday January 30th beginning at 10pm

If you would like to attend, please see the event page:

We are being very graciously hosted by the Soldiery at 4256 North High Street in Columbus. We will have a raffle for awesome handmade prizes. There will be various tournaments all night. They have posted a tentative schedule but, as is with anything scheduled, it is not set in stone.

1030: Pathfinder
1030: Magic the Gathering Tournament (EDH)
1100: Learn to play Euchre
          Learn to play Tanto Cuore
Midnight: what is Marcon (Panel to meet staff)
100: Euchre Tourney
200: Tanto Cuore Tourney
        Arkham Horror
300: Learn to Play Barbarossa
400: Magic the Gathering Tourney No Holds Barred
500: Flux
600: Super Fight
        Tentacle Bento
700: Magic the Gathering Prebuilt Tourney

Even if you are not interested in playing games, you can still donate. Come hang out and watch people play. Drop off your donation at any time at the Soldiery during business hours or during the gameathon. The funds raised will be used to pay for guest of honor travel, prize support and a great gaming experience at Marcon. We are a non-profit organization. This convention does not, can not, and will not happen without the tireless efforts of volunteer staff and the generousity of the public. PLEASE come out and game with us!


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