Sunday, August 20, 2017

Origins Game Fair 2018 Theme announcement!

Columbus, OH – Plans for Origins Game Fair 2018 are underway. The Game Manufacturers Association, host of Origins Game Fair, has announced that next year’s theme will be Mystery! Origins 2018 will serve up a high level of fun with activities and events that may require some sleuthing skills. 

Mark your calendar, Origins Game Fair 2018 is happening June 13-17 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center, Columbus, OH. If you are interested in running an event at next year’s show, event submission will be open on the Origins website, September 1 - February 1, 2018. Hotel blocks for Origins will be made available starting in September. At that time, you can make reservations and begin planning your stay in Columbus. 

Grab your detective gear and get ready for five full days of gaming…and mystery! Check for updates. 

### Origins Game Fair is one of North America’s most prominent annual gaming conventions. It is run by the Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Origins serves the gaming industry in general, including miniature gaming, boar games, trading card games, LARPS, and role-playing games.


Okay, so Meta Arcade is at booth #509 and they're doing a mobile game, Tunnels & Trolls Adventures. You can create and share your own adventures with a software they're demoing and play a kind of choose your own adventure story. It looks really freaking cool.They have a launch trailer available if you want to check it out. 

Given I'm playing Mystic Messenger right now, something a little less cringeworthy is going to do me some good. So check it out and we'll play together.

If you want to learn more about the game, check out the trailer above or go check out the MetaArcade website.

I know I keep saying this, but there are seriously so many games here. Games. All over. Everywhere I look. I'm crushed in the throng of moving people and moving along and missing things because there's so much going on. This is only going to be a serious little snippet of things you can see at the convention and you really need to book in advance for next year. 

Ahhhh, Greenbriar games! Booth #1649. I've been a follower for awhile now and I'm super stoked that they were at Gencon this year with some new games. Vengeance is a new release from Greenbriar and they were doing demos all week. It's a one to four player game where you build up your hero and beat the enemy back on their home soil. It's all about revenge! They're also playing demons of Folklore through the week. The game looks absolutely gorgeous. It's coming out in October this year.

I have never before heard of Oni press, but I checked out some of the things they had to offer this year. They have a card game based off of Scott Pilgrim graphic novel series. They plan, in the future, to partner with game designers and graphic novelists to create more games based from the creator-owned comics. I'm not sure what all they have planned but they were definitely enthusiastic when I popped in for a visit and asked all the questions.

I also checked out Dized games, another company I hadn't heard of before. The biggest draw was their Throne of Games made of more than 100 board games. The throne was comprised of board games like Dominion, Pandemic and Catan. One lucky gamer won them all in a drawing and the games would be delivered to the winner's home. Until then, attendees were welcome to sit upon the throne of games for photo ops. Next time I need to bring a photo buddy!!

The really cool thing about Dized is they have an easy to use app that lets you learn any tabletop game without a game book. There's a lookup tool and they have future digital expansions planned. It launches at the end of August on the 28th on IndieGoGo. DEFINITELY check it out and consider backing. 

Another new and incredibly fun game company is Big Potato. They're at booth #2115 and they're doing a really cool giveaway. They have hidden 200 toy chameleons around Gen Con. Find one and take it to the booth and you get a copy of their new game The Chameleon. They're also doing demos of OK Play. Challenge the staff, win a copy of the game.

Chameleon is a family friendly social bluffing game. If you are the chameleon, you have to figure out the code word without giving away that you're the chameleon. If you're not the chameleon, you have to figure out who the chameleon is without giving away the code word. It's for three to eight players and game play takes about 10 minutes. Super fast, super fun and the accusations fly! 

Big Potato is a game brand exclusive to Target, so look for them! I'm super excited to pick up a copy of Chameleon. It's only $20 bucks and it's a PERFECT convention game!!

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Gencon 50: Wyrmwood, Japanime, Rule & Make, Roll20, BOB ROSS ART AND CHILL

If you didn't order your badge early for GenCon 50, ladies and gentlemen, you are out of luck! The entire week was completely sold out by Friday!! HOLY CRAP THAT'S SO AWESOME. There are no badges being sold at the door. They are at capacity. Woo! They have also expanded, according to the staff in the press room, from the convention center and hotels to the Colts stadium!! They're also going to have They Might Be Giants at the Stadium. Free with your badge!! WOO!!

And, for the technical stuff about GenCon, it's owned by Peter Adkison from Wizards of the Coast. They're sponsored this year by Mayfair Games, Paizo and Rio Grande Games. 50 year convention, 15th year in Indy. Pretty impressive track record.

I was lucky enough to land a press pass for this year's event and I'm SO STOKED. This is my first GenCon and I'm blogging through the day from the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. Parking is an absolute BIIIIIITCH so my advice (and a note to self for next year) is get here on Thursday and get a room near the convention center. I'm already going to plan for it for next year.. 

I'm not going to lie. The dealer's room is fantastic. SO. MANY. SHOPS. 

And, no, I'm not being a "professional reporter" when it comes to this. Seriously, this is an awesome convention. It trumps Origins and that's saying something.

I stopped by the Wormwood booth (#2545) and checked out their new booth. My first encounter with them was at Origins three years ago. They still have the same incredible dice towers and trays in the zebrawood that took my attention originally, but they've expanded with new towers, new woodworking and amazing deals. As a secret: if you go to the booth and tell them "show me what you've got", they give you a discount. Well, you get to roll for a discount. Which is the same thing. Check out the new merch and give the towers a try. The reps will be more than willing to give you a demonstration. The way the towers come together is really awesome and they're super portable.

For those of you not at the convention, you can check out Wyrmwood by clicking their graphic.

As most of you know, I am a huge Japanime supporter. I worked for them during Origins. They are fantastic folks and Robert and Rich are great people to work with. 

Japanime games has a new game to demo at booth #435. There's a new expansion for Tanto Cuore and, wait for it.... 


The newest expansion is Winter Romance and it is on Kickstarter now! They have a deal if you preorder during Gencon. It counts toward your purchase totals for awesome swag and if you preorder, you get in on the first ship date. WOO! Seriously, if you're into Tanto Cuore, get to the booth and get your swag. Also, they have super awesome tote bags to carry your haul in. I'm super jelly of the bags. Not gonna lie. There are tournaments with big prizes so definitely stop by!

Can't make it to Gencon? There's a live stream on Twitch TV with Robert on August 22nd at 9pm EST. You can check out the game there. Also: you can visit Japanime Games at their website by clicking the banner below.

And for the kickstarter: CLICK HERE

If you're in the mood for a new KICKASS game, check out Terminator 2 Judgement Day TABLETOP GAME. I'm a huge fan of tabletops and this game honestly doesn't disappoint. The tabletop version of the franchise is from Queensland Australia based Rule & Make and follows the events following the 1995 classic film. Using dice and minis, players control John Connor's army. A teaser trailer with more details on the game will be released on the 20th anniversary of Judgement Day, August 29, 2017. If you're interested in more details, you can check out Rule & Make here:

Many Gamers know Roll 20 and, if you don't, I'm happy to enlighten you. Roll 20 makes it possible to play tabletop games online with your friends around the world. Create a campaign, make it public or not, set up your landscapes and play. You can even create custom avatars for your characters. Super super awesome, especially for me. My friends are all over the country.

As many exhibitors and panelists, Roll 20 is having a party tonight at 7pm at the Tomlinson Tap Room. Beer, wine, cider and mead is available and cocktails are after 9pm. If you attended one of their panels, your first drink is on Roll20! If you make it to Capitol 3 at 2, you can pick up a drink ticket. Show up, hang out and talk nerdy to me.

If you want to learn more about Roll20:

And if you want to play in a game with me on Roll 20 when I'm not at conventions, you can find my campaigns by CLICKING HERE.

And now to tell you about this game... it is an awesome game filled with mystery and wonder. Mostly wonder. Mostly why did they make this game but why is it so awesome?

The game? BOB ROSS ART OF CHILL but I am totally calling it Bob Ross and Chill because I would SO BE DOWN WITH THAT. 

Look at the magnificence of this game cover

Gen Con is the ONLY place to buy Bob Ross: Art of Chill until October 1st and there are only limited quantities each day. You can also earn the "Chill" status if you visit their booth. No spoilers. You have to go to the booth. You have to check out this game. Guys. Seriously. It's Bob Ross. Do it. DOOO IIIIITT!!

This is part 1 and there is definitely more to come as I head through this massive maze of fun and games, so look for more posts soon!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Origins Game Fair 2017 Post Convention release

Photo Credit: Jacob Sigafoos, Official Origins Photographer

Origins Game Fair welcomed thousands of guests from all over the world to the Greater Columbus Convention Center, June 14-18. This annual convention brings in gaming companies, authors, artists, and more for five days of events and family-fun.

Origins 2017 featured over 7,000 events, a 24 percent increase in events from 2016. The show offered major tournament play, with the return of the WizKids World Championships, national tournaments for IELLO, Catan Studios, Konami, and the Catalysts Battletech Open. "Mayfair Games would like to thank everyone who attended Origins this year,” said Larry Roznai, President and CEO of Mayfair Games. “A special thanks goes out to all the fans who stopped by for an event, a demo, or to pick up the latest hot game! It was an amazing show with a double digit increase in sales over last year, non-stop booth demos, and overwhelming participation in the ever-popular Ribbon Quest program. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year!"

Other events included role-playing adventures with show co-sponsors Dungeons & Dragons, live comedy shows, a costume contest with cash prizes, and new this year; True Dungeon—a live-action, walkthrough dungeon experience.

“Origins was a blast this year,” said Trevor Kidd, Manager of Dungeons & Dragons Global Brand Team. “We sat over 1,700 players at tables featuring content linked to the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons adventure Tomb of Annihilation, had 35 tables of adventurers, streamed live interviews, and gave away tons of swag. We’re definitely excited to start planning for next year.”

Attendance hit a record high this year. Unique badges rose nearly 10 percent, from 15,480 in 2016 to 17,001 in 2017. Turnstile attendance increased just over 12 percent, with a count of 52,561 in 2016 to 58,958 in 2017—showing an upsurge in attendees returning to the show each day. Origins continues to see growth while maintaining it’s relaxed, family-friendly vibe. Every year, the show expands its range in entertainment, offering events varying from fandoms to award ceremonies. It’s a convention that is welcoming, personable, and takes pride in its inclusivity.

“I am very happy with how well Origins went this year," said John Ward, Executive Director of GAMA. "We couldn't have done it without the support of our sponsors and show co-sponsor Dungeons & Dragons, our exhibitors, volunteers, and Game Masters! We especially want to thank the awesome attendees who come and support Origins every year.”

Origins Game Fair 2018 is scheduled to be held June 13-17 at the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Hotel blocks with group rates will open for reservations at the beginning of September 2017. Learn more about Origins at

The Game Manufacturers Association
240 N. Fifth Street
Columbus, OH 43215

Origins Game Fair is one of North America’s most prominent annual gaming conventions. It is run by The Game Manufacturers Association (GAMA). Origins serves the gaming industry in general, including miniatures gaming, board games, trading card games, LARPS, and role-playing games.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Origins 2017

I had an AWESOME TIME at Origins this year.

Father's day weekend is tough for me since dad passed, but this year I only had a few moments of lingering sad on my way to the convention. After I was there, the people to came to my panels and those who came and played games with me at the Japanime Games booth were super fantastic awesome.

We had some really great games of Mangaka, particularly one about a cat who transformed into a gun-cat. If I ever find the comic uploaded somewhere I will share. Hopefully I find it.

I was Star Butterfly on Saturday and I got a lot of compliments on my costume, including one person saying my execution was fantastic. My cosplay panel went well even without the presentation loading like it should. I will have to update them so they will run without internet for the next convention.

I am always so happy to work with Japanime Games. The guys who work the booth, who run the company, are super awesome and definitely supportive of all walks of life. As long as they play games, they're cool. I got to play games all weekend and help sell those games for a company I believe in. If you were part of my Twitter or Instagram feeds, I posted pictures from the events.

I will be playing more Japanime Games at other conventions coming up! I'll be sure to post when I do!

Friday, May 26, 2017

Costume Judging Guidelines

These are the cosplay rules I was given when I first began cosplaying as a way to figure out where I stood as a cosplayer and where to put myself as far as competing went. I am passing these on to you.


Anyone younger who has made his/her own costume. There is no guideline for the age of such persons. There is no guideline for the name of this division. It is suggested that a child model an adult-made costume either out of competition or at the adult's level. Directors are encouraged to place entries containing younger participants near the beginning of the masquerade regardless of what division they're entered in. A "Junior/Youth" is encouraged to seek counsel when deciding what adult division they should enter in.


The Novice division is to encourage beginners. You may not enter if you are a professional, or are above Journeyman in regional competition, or have accomplished any of the following in international competition: have won in a higher division, have won "Best-in-Show" or have won in the Novice division a number of awards to be determined by the masquerade director. There is no guideline on the number of Novice division awards a person may win and continue to compete in this division.


Journeyman is an interim division to allow further development of costuming skills. You may not enter if you are a professional or have accomplished any of the following in international competition: have won three times in the Journeyman division, have won in Master, or have won "Best in Show."


The master division is an open class. Anyone may enter.

Supplements Applicable to All International Competitions

Award names or quotas must not be mandated. Excellence deserves award.
Any major award given in international competition counts towards moving up. Minor awards include Honorable Mention. Minor awards do not include such other awards as "Honored for Excellence", numbered places such as "second", etc., and awards such as "workmanship" that are not given by an entire panel of judges.
Counting minor awards is left to the individual costumer's discretion.
A costume that has won a major award at the international level is no longer eligible to compete at any level. A win at international level should be taken into account when determining your regional status.
Costumers are encouraged to, and may always, enter at a higher level if they so wish, including "Junior/Youth". A person who chooses to compete up a level and wins must then compete at that level. However, if a person competes up and does not win, in the future they are free to compete at their original level.
The level of the people playing a major part in the design and making of the costumes determines the level at which a group competes. The group should decide ahead of time how credit for a win is to be awarded. If you are eligible to compete at a lower level than the groups is competing at, and the group wins, you may apply it as a win at your normal level or as a win at the higher level, at your discretion.
A professional is someone whom the masquerade director judges to be a professional. There is no guideline for determining "professional" status.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Products are LIVE!

I actually have an honest to goodness online web store set up for my products!! You can buy my handmade body butter, my glorious pussy hats, some awesome crochet bags, plushies and accessories and do it all from the safety of my website! I process via Square and you'll get a nifty email receipt when you purchase!

This has been a productive use of a sick day from my two day jobs.

Never really gets easier

Story time since it's on my mind and I wanted to share and ask a little extra patience.  May 20th. Mary and I are at a local garden shop...