Sunday, January 29, 2017

It's been a long time

I don't blog nearly as much as I should. I thought I might owe an explanation to anyone reading the blog about where I've been.

I posted a year ago when my dad passed in June. Surprisingly, the loss of a parent isn't like a steady line from grief to complete. It's more like a child's pencil drawing in color and all over the walls of your hallway. Every time you think you've figured it out and traced the path of the pencil through the jagged twists and turns and gone through every color on the emotion wheel, you take two steps forward and find another scrawl on the wall you didn't realize was there. Or sometimes you see the writing on the wall, as it were, but when you get to it, it's a lot harder than you anticipated.

I am currently in the process of using a Mr Clean magic eraser to take the marks off the wall. Hopefully when I'm done there will be paint left on the wall. If not, it will be time in the future to repaint. Right now it's still to raw to do that.

I haven't written or been published since 2015. It's currently almost a full month into the new year and I still haven't written anything that wasn't for the magazine. Even then I am writing more than half of the articles for the magazine, doing editing myself and doing all the layout work. Which, frankly, sucks. I have two loyal writers who always have content for me. But everyone else has kind of fallen off the excitement train. It's hard to get ideas for anyone to write about and it's hard to make sure I'm keeping up with it. Someday I hope to get back to my fiction work, but with publishers closing down every whip stitch, I'm a little leery. Although I do have an idea for a book that might make it into publication with Circlet. I just need to actually write the damned thing. Easier said than done.

My day jobs have taken a turn. I left the company I worked with for over five years over a stupid incident that shouldn't have ever happened. Because of a lazy, irresponsible coworker who has since been fired, I was docked $50 to pay for a customer complaint that wouldn't have been my fault if she had done her damned job. The long of the short is I refuse to pay for someone else's mistake and because I wasn't given a choice, I resigned. I've moved on to another massage company where I make as much money for less work. I also went full time as a pharmacy technician and got insurance before Herr Drumpf axed private insurance benefits for the rest of the world. So I'm working around 56 hours a week between the two jobs and I have one day off a week. Needless to say, it's a little stressful trying to find time for all my other passions when money is taking a left hand.

My cousin finally talked me into becoming a Younique representative. I got my fancy purple bag full of stuff and it's super exciting. The products they gave me were super awesome and they don't make me break out like other makeups have in the past. Although I previously swore by Bare Minerals, I've moved to Younique. BB Cream, powder, a little contour and boom. Done. And if I want to do my eye makeup, the pigments are dark enough I can do it in just a few minutes. Then I'm out the door.

I have been doing a lot of crochet commissions recently. Mostly making pussy hats for the women's protest and then hats for everyone who didn't know about the march, but have since signed on to the movement. I'm also going to me making some for sale to benefit Colony Cats in Columbus. I'm a glutton for punishment. But I wouldn't know what to do with myself if I didn't do all these things. Idle hands and all that.

So, in short, I'm going to get back into things, but I'm just swamped at the moment with life things and other obligations. I'm updating my website to reflect the changes I've made and to offer a place for everyone to buy products. My body butter has been a big seller again this year with Valentine's Day rolling in. So now I can be found.

Short of all that, follow me on Twitter and Instagram so you can keep tabs on me. I post there way more than I blog here. :)