Sunday, April 2, 2017


For anyone who would rather pick up a physical copy of the magazine in store, The Soldiery has sale copies available! They currently have copies of each published issue for sale.

The Soldiery is a gaming store that has been open since 1991 in the Columbus area. They are located at 4256 North High Street in Columbus and are open 10am to 10pm Monday through Wednesday, 10am to midnight on Thursday and Saturday, Friday 10am to 1am and Sunday 10am to 7pm. They feature 12 gaming tables for open play and game demos are always welcome. Call ahead for availability.  They also sell board games, CCGs, miniatures, historical games and artisian goods from entrepreneurs around the state. If you have questions, send an email to

Directions to the store:
Behind the Laughing Ogre comic book shop, block and a half south of Henderson Road and High St. on the east side of High St. in Clintonville (suburb of Columbus). 

Bus routes: Multiple bus routes allow for easy access to the store. 
The #2 bus passes right in front of the store, on High St. The #2 is ideal for transportation from the Downtown area or from OSU campus. 
The #95 stops at the corner of Henderson Rd. and High St. just 2 blocks north of the store.