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Costume Judging Guidelines

These are the cosplay rules I was given when I first began cosplaying as a way to figure out where I stood as a cosplayer and where to put myself as far as competing went. I am passing these on to you. "Junior/Youth" Anyone younger who has made his/her own costume. There is no guideline for the age of such persons. There is no guideline for the name of this division. It is suggested that a child model an adult-made costume either out of competition or at the adult's level. Directors are encouraged to place entries containing younger participants near the beginning of the masquerade regardless of what division they're entered in. A "Junior/Youth" is encouraged to seek counsel when deciding what adult division they should enter in. Novice The Novice division is to encourage beginners. You may not enter if you are a professional, or are above Journeyman in regional competition, or have accomplished any of the following in international competition: hav