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Origins 2017

I had an AWESOME TIME at Origins this year. Father's day weekend is tough for me since dad passed, but this year I only had a few moments of lingering sad on my way to the convention. After I was there, the people to came to my panels and those who came and played games with me at the Japanime Games booth were super fantastic awesome. We had some really great games of Mangaka, particularly one about a cat who transformed into a gun-cat. If I ever find the comic uploaded somewhere I will share. Hopefully I find it. I was Star Butterfly on Saturday and I got a lot of compliments on my costume, including one person saying my execution was fantastic. My cosplay panel went well even without the presentation loading like it should. I will have to update them so they will run without internet for the next convention. I am always so happy to work with Japanime Games. The guys who work the booth, who run the company, are super awesome and definitely supportive of all walks of lif