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Journaling ideas to help with your mental health

 I've been on a quest for the last few hours for things to write about in my mental health blog. I didn't want to set up a blog as a mental health professional, I wanted to know what I should write about in a personal blog so I could have something to talk about on the days when I don't feel like I have anything to talk about. Some days journaling is easy for me. I sit down, I talk about the thoughts that have been circling or things I've been having to shoo away because they're trying to drag me down into rumination. Other days I just don't have anything to write about and if I don't have a purpose, sitting down to stare at a blank page seems rather pointless. So, to Google! Unfortunately finding decent prompts for mental health was a little challenging. I'm not a spiritual or religious person, per se. I don't want to write down prayers or inspirational quotes that I may or may not be feeling. I'm bad at coming up with "things". Writin

Doughnut Cop

While playing GTA early this morning with my girlfriend we ran into a fun little glitch. :)